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Trainerlevel: 82

Trainerpoints: 12,524/20,253


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
black widow
(Mega Gardevoir)
1,7386,024,393 / 11,333,934
(Mega Absol)
1,5725,600,461 / 8,854,848
(Arceus (Dark))
5,18516,491,768 / 100,835,289
24483,079 / 207,975
322247,380 / 312,019


kana 🐾 ♒ 🐾 infj 🐾 nursing student 🐾 pixel artist

Guzzling down your dreams, the tears of unheard pleas I drink,
Imbibe with such delight the fear that floods your temporal shell
Raging red rivers and streams, the kingdom of my shadow
Where dread of man in endless night revives my every cell
To those who doubt, your wounds will never heal
To those who question my creation, I'm not real
I am pain. I am grief. I'm the things you fear
I'm the lie whispered into your ear.

🔺my discord is:Kisasi#1661🔺
🔺avatar made by me🔺

🔺my art shop🔺


My heart's beating faster
I know what I'm after
I've been standing here my whole life
Everything I've seen twice
Now it's time I realized
It's spinning back around now
On this road I'm crawlin'
Save me cause I'm fallin'
Now I can't seem to breathe right
'Cause I keep runnin' runnin' runnin' runnin'
Runnin' runnin' runnin' runnin'
Runnin' from my heart
'Round and around I go
Addicted to the numb livin' in the cold
The higher, the lower, the down, down, down
Sick of being tired and sick
Of waiting for another kind of fix.

art here by siqko

Shiny Hunt

Kanashimi is currently hunting Moltres (Galarian).
Hunt started: 30/01/2021

Chain: 170



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Kanashimi 3 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #20243137
Registration: 07/06/2014 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 7305:52 Hours
Total interactions: 1,980,120
Money: 180,697
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


new poll, pplease vvote?👉🏻👈🏻
3 Days ago
I drew a baby 😖❄️
5 Days ago
my previous feed is a big typo hvixtvuc 😂🤣😆
6 Days ago
intersections exchange? 👉👈
got 2 eggs 😖😖😖😖😖
6 Days ago
omg when you send a sad friend a plushie to cheer them up and the plushie is pretty cheap but you get a dragon gem from it 😮
and then u get 125675 dps and send expensive plushies to random people but get no dragon gem lmao
7 Days ago
I recently had to draw a character that I also had to draw 2 years ago and wow, I just can't believe how much my pixel art has changed:

It's the same character and it belongs to Molly btw!🐾👉🏻👈🏻
imprettyhappyaboutmyartimprovement owo/"
7 Days ago
art shop 👀👉🏻👈🏻
8 Days ago
a, um, if I would sell pixel icons kinda like mine for 250k pd, would anyone be interested?😅
8 Days ago
made by me
8 Days ago
also, would anyone like to buy any if the dragons here for pd?
all are primals, a few of them arent ufs (like 6-7) but the rest are and tbh I'm not even picky with the prices, like anything between 50k pd and 100k pd should do just fine owo
just comment here if you wanna buy any ^^
8 Days ago
starter plushie exchange, anyone of you, dear sirs?👉🏻👈🏻
i want a chimchar, comment what starter you want, only first evolution stage pls
oh, and only the first who comments bc I'm low on dps 😞
8 Days ago
new poll owo
vote ppweaseee? 👉👈
8 Days ago
dear body, can I pls stop being hungry every 3 seconds? 😞
10 Days ago
so basically, offer on anyone pd/nuggets only
some won't be sold but 80% of them, I'm willing to sell.
10 Days ago
chewtle has such a funny face lmao
10 Days ago
sometimes I get so angry, it's unreal, especially considering 3 seconds ago I was super chill, but then boom, angry as never before, huh.
10 Days ago
who wanna trade a grey feather for my purple feather that's gonna arrive in like 12 hours from rumble?
11 Days ago

other things about me:

I like talking tho it may not always seem like it because sometimes I'm busy or spending time alone.I'm pretty weird and lonely, sometimes I feel like I've been lonely my entire life tbh, I almost got too used to it.I don't mind random friend requests/pms/palpads, I'm open to talk to anyone most of the times when I'm not busy.I'm pretty much always polite unless I notice I have to deal with someone who is not.I usually only block people who seem to be dangerous or very very rude and annoying.I love drawing pixel art, reading TLK comics on dA, watching YT vids about random stuff, learning more about MBTI and the personality types, astrology and of course, learning medical stuff.I'm usually bored.I'm a part of the LGBT community.I like to send plushies to random users for fun.


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