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Formerly: Hollow-Masks
Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,274/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
18843,823 / 122,361
22279,132 / 171,648
27485,903 / 263,127
Aerodactyl31238 / 3,721
14657,565 / 64,387

Spyder’s Web

“I’m here to hang out, have fun, and do whatever!”

Heya! I’m Spyder!
I’m a lil fire demon just tryna make it through life.
Birthday is 11/11 and I’m a Scorpio (maybe that’s why I like arachnids so much?)
If you would like to talk to me, PP and PMs are always open, but I may take a little while to respond, as I have other things to do, both on and off-site.
I’m also kinda crap with pronouns so, if I misgender you, it’s totally unintentional and holds no malicious intent at all. (I mostly refer to everyone as they anyway)
I’m also a huge Nintendo fan. Been raised on Pokémon, Mario, and Kirby, so if ya want some trivia, or simply wanna talk about those things, I’m hear to listen.
My fandoms at the moment are Friday Night Funkin, Pokémon, Kirby, Undertale (kinda), FNAF, and Splatoon.
Favorite food is Sushi. Favorite drink is Coke.
Favorite animals are Spiders, Scorpions, Dogs, and Ferrets.
I love horror stuff.
I freaking love Lemon Demon


Art is 100% N O T for anyone’s use aside from my own. If you see someone using my art without explicitly stating i said they could, report it to me and/or a mod.
Art above it is my art and only for me to use.


Commission Status: OPEN
Your name will stay in a slot until you pay
You have 72 hours (three days) after you receive your art to pay
I will do 3 commissions MAX per person at any given time, no ifs, ands, or buts about it
Pay A F T E R you get the art
PM me your order along with the word “Kirbymon”
You CANNOT use the art until you pay, if I find out you have used it without paying, I will report you and/or make you take the art down
Examples Here
1. Suvichan
2. -Flamey-
3. -Flamey-
(Base) Prices (PWYW after you pay the listed price) + extra info
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•Headshot: 2k
•Full body: 3k

•Headshot: 6k
•Full body: 8k

•Headshot: 10k
•Full body: 15k

Colored + simple shading
•Headshot: 18k
•Full body: 25k

Colored + simple shading + background
Single color background:
•Headshot: 25k
•Full body: 30k

Multi-color background:
•Headshot: 32k
•Full body: 36k

Complex background:
•Headshot: 40k
•Full body: 50k

What I can do
•Kirby characters
•Canon characters
•Basically most characters if I have a ref pic

What I can’t do
•Overly detailed Pokémon/characters
What I use to draw
•Digital (my iPad)
•3D (limited time! Not the best, but I’ll try)

Styles I can draw in
•Simple cartoon (Prices stay same)
•Cartoon (500 pd upcharge)
•Chibi (humans/humanoids only, Prices stay same)
•Semi-Anime (humans/humanoids only, 2k upcharge)

!!EXTRA CHARACTERS MULTIPLY THE PRICE BY HOW MANY MORE CHARACTERS YOU WANT (EX. 3 characters, complex background, full body: 50k X 3=150k)!!

Find me here

Email: [email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok (gonna get yelled at for this one): @bloodsunartz

YT: StaticSpyder

Roblox: SatireSCP

Switch Friend Code: SW-1259-5650-5319

Minecraft: StaticSpyder27


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 656:35 Hours
Total interactions: 103,695
Money: 299,277
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Aight, I’ve got an idea now, so y’all can stop commenting. (I didn’t take some suggestions cuz I didn’t really like ‘em, tbh)

So basically...
Item: Pumpkin
Personality: Shy, introverted
Outfit: Satin jacket with jeans (cuz I didn’t really like the outfit suggestions)
Accessories: Yellow fluff, bandanna on arm (my addition)
Theme: Galaxy

Aight, I got an idea, here we go
(also, feel free to post the challenge for yourselves)
Today, 02:45
May or may not be basing this on the character creator trend from yesterday (I think).
I wanna make an object OC, but I’ve never made one, so here’s something to get some ideas going

First comment -Item (can be any PH appropriate item)-
Second -Small description of personality-
Third -Outfit-
Fourth -Accessories-
Fifth -Theme-

(Don’t pick an item, I already have. I included that for anyone else that wanted to do this)
Today, 01:43
I mean...
I’ve never even played D/P
Only thing I know/like about the rn is Giratina, so...
i may like it better than others???
Yesterday, 17:47
I haven’t seen the direct (cuz I’m at school), but from what I have heard

I don’t want to
Yesterday, 17:43
When you wanna enter an art contest but you’re not confident enough and don’t understand how to enter so you kinda just sit in the corner eternally internally crying :,)
Yesterday, 00:38
Sure I guess
Alright, Let’s make a character!

First comment -Species-
Second -Color(s)-
Third -Designs-
Fourth -Accessories-
Fifth -Theme-

The rest of the comments are irrelevant
and I will 100% draw them and make them a part of my new OC story (somehow)
1 Day ago
Kinda just thought of this cuz I was driving down a street I used to walk down and I wanted to share

When I would still go walking around my neighborhood (I don’t go neighborhood walking anymore, for a few reasons, one being I have a treadmill), I had a street that I called the “Lemon Demon Street”.
The reason I called it that is because, every single time I walked down that street, my favorite Lemon Demon song would pop up in my recommended and I would listen to Lemon Demon the whole time I walked that street.
I wish I still went neighborhood walking but I can’t (for a reason I’m not sharing). Now, I just listen to Lemon Demon for like 30 minutes while I walk on the treadmill.
2 Days ago
Other Legendaries: *take 1-5 pokeballs*
G. Articuno
2 Days ago
I think I’ve learned more Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer and Sr Pelo that I will ever learn in school
2 Days ago
Whitty appreciation squad
freakin’ love this dude
2 Days ago
3 Days ago
Lowkey, I kinda wonder, if and when I get my YT channel back up and running, how long it’s gonna take people to call me ‘problematic’ because my persona is a pure-white demon, lmao
3 Days ago
A lil doodle of Spyder I made
I made this in art class cuz we’re starting painting with acrylics, but my teacher wants to wait until everyone is done with watercolor, so he let those of us who were done practice acrylic painting. (I already know how to do this tho, cuz my mom was an art teacher and she has acrylic paint)
3 Days ago
...My uh-...my level 100 Leavanny in Pokémon White Ver 2...
3 Days ago
(Pokémon Sword)
Don’t ya love it when you’re trying to get a Rainbow Swirl Alcremie with hearts and you get Caramel Swirl with hearts

I’ve been trying for that for a week...
I’m done with it, I’ll come back to it later even tho I really want it now

Oh well...guess next is Mint with clovers
4 Days ago
My dad is playing Kirby
Without me asking him to play it with me
This makes me incredibly happy
4 Days ago
Ugh school...
Back to staying up till 1am and waking up at 5am...
5 Days ago
(Pokémon Sword)
Welp.....I just wasted both my strawberry sweets
5 Days ago
Also, my dad needed a muffin pan, so he called me to the kitchen to get him one. We proceeded to make a Shrek reference.

My dad is awesome.
5 Days ago



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