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Trainerlevel: 94

Trainerpoints: 22,348/26,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1112,168 / 37,297
504,113 / 7,651
687811,257 / 1,772,461
Rodeo Scraggy
15143,569 / 68,857
Ei-love-scue [1st?]
(Eiscue (Love))
12825,150 / 61,921
JOIN [5th]
(Unown J)
14011,420 / 59,221

Currently Hunting;

Inkay Medium
150k - 100N - 1 Map/Summon [Incl. Sapphire/Ruby]

None atm

Owed Sapphires;
Nexanda - 14 Sapphires/Rubies
MadisonDaDragon - 13 Sapphires

Next Hunt ideas; Kalos Finale

Missing Shadows;

About | Uni

hey bro! surprised ya found me, names Uni, Sparklecare's #1 prankster and troublemaker B3 but seriously, nice to see a new face! what're you in for? you don't exactly look like someone that'd call this place? not like the doctors here know what theyre doing, lmao B3 If ya need anythin just let me know, okay dude? Always ready to help a bro in need B3
oh! and if you see my man barry around, tell him i said he's my reason to live, no homo >B3

Catch ya later!~

Uni art is made by @Inchwormdisco on tumblr, (i think, they have a blog for the source material too but its not safe for minors)

-Vic/Greggory (Aliases; Dorky, Delphox, Phox, Victor)
-23 (1st August)
-Male (he/him)
-PolyGay - 5 Boyfriends, 2 polyfidelous triads and a splinter
-Foxkin (Red/Arctic/Fennec Foxes and sonas)
-Fictionkin (Gregg [NitW] (ID.), Delphox, Barry & Uni (SCH [nsfw source])

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 09/Oct/2020
Game Time: 8309:48 Hours
Total interactions: 11,009,417
Money: 1,780,492
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


interaction exchange? :y
Today, 05:55
By PokéRadar - 11 Minutes and 9 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Binacle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #107)!

lmao nice
Yesterday, 17:19
By PokéRadar - 8 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Binacle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #105)!

close but ayyyy nice, thats my pair done, if anyone wants a slot for them ive got the info on my profile and i'll see tomorrow if there's any interest, if not i'll end and move on to my next hunt
Yesterday, 05:36
my bf CreativeJackalope is after some nuggets, if you can help let him know :b
Yesterday, 05:32
stares at people still getting extra shadow legendaries.

Tentacool, Gengar, Weezing, Goldeen, Scyther
Ampharos, Unown Y, Qwilfish, Scizor, Slugma.

:'v wtf
Yesterday, 01:04
So it just came to my attention that Magearna and Minior have had their shinies altered, as well as the canon castform weather forms but i knew about that.

Magearna actually HAS a shiny now, and its just completely chrome and thats neat af and Minior, instead of being pure black, is now like a dark aura with the core colour beneath it and slightly darkened which is great

Magearna, Castform Heat, Rainy and Snowy and 3 of the Minior with gen 7 comparison
1 Day ago
if anyones huntin nickit im gonna throw up extra binacle to trade for them if they feel like throwing them at me so i can put em in my hoard box
1 Day ago
By PokéRadar - 13 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Binacle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #48)!

'Hey, a shiny!"
2 Days ago
By PokeRadar - 22 Seconds ago.
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Binacle in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!


and my shadows are p meh today, kanto is garbage and i havent seen 5 yet (something beyond Machamp [68]) and johto gave me Unown Z and Corsola today
2 Days ago
hey if anyone happens to be hunting nickit and getting lots of extra normies, id appreciate them like, being put in the auction house for an hour at min bid so i can scoop em up for my hoard box >w>
2 Days ago
had koffing in slot 4... just for slot 5 to be Weezing.
and the rest of kanto to be trash lmao

Kakuna, Dodrio, Onix, Koffing, Weezing
Togetic, Flaaffy, Girafarig, Scizor, Smeargle [New]
3 Days ago
so uh
anyone got a male barbaracle or female binacle that isnt mine lmao >w>
3 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 55 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Unown J hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #32)!

3 Days ago
interaction exchange? about done with all the Js i'll be able to hatch unless i get 2 more gems for another egg then i'll need to wait for daycare and more gems to show up, try my luck in the GE and hope its not all bad trades -shot-
3 Days ago
if you dont mind could yall click the chocolate heart here >w>

and in the same vein, interaction exchange?
3 Days ago
and dumped a buncha DP into friendlist random Shiny Charizards :'y

48.8% shiny chance so hopefully i get a shiny one bc its just more chancey than a coin flip orz
4 Days ago
Interactions made 100,862

phew, just made the cap
4 Days ago
okay wow im being fickle lm ao
I have 9 Unown J eggs now and I kinda wanna hunt that now because I have a handful of psychic gems, 9 in daycare and like 10-13 in egg storage which would be nice to clear out again :'y

so I think i will actually switch back to unown, hunt J and break Nickit so I wont hit 1000 bc its taking a while, i have extra shinies already and maybe i'll just try to fill the box up with other nickits/thievuls in the meantime hah >w>;
4 Days ago
unown aint breeding well enough for me to consider hunting it so im just gonna go back to nickit and maybe do Unown afterwards lmao

i mean i have 43 eggs since reset but ive only had 3 Js so far with 18 more to scan
4 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Greggory_Lee is currently hunting Inkay.
Hunt started: 19/02/2020

Chain: 15


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