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Trainerlevel: 8

Trainerpoints: 120/199


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
13610,258 / 63,081
Scyther627,697 / 11,719
Eevee312,322 / 2,977
Cyndaquil (Retro)912,160 / 27,495
Ledian505,778 / 6,120
Scyther301,834 / 2,791


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About Me 1.3

I am a South Korean immigrant to the USA who had become a bilingual in 4th grade, knowing English and Korean fluently, I love JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, (especially part 3) I graduated at age 24 (or 22 in American Years) with a bachelors degree in neuropsychology and was a neuropsychologist for 4 years until I quit my job. Currently, I am 28 (26) and I watch anime frequently. I own the fanfiction forum of Life of a DPRK Pokemon.

My Favorite Song: Might of Korea

My Favorite Pokemon


Game Records

Trainer ID: #338982039
Registration: 11/05/2022 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 15:16 Hours
Total interactions: 5,601
Money: 8,820
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Here's a page of the communist manifesto.

The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against
the bourgeoisie itself.
But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called
into existence the men who are to wield those weapons – the modern working class – the
In proportion as the bourgeoisie, i.e., capital, is developed, in the same proportion is the
proletariat, the modern working class, developed – a class of labourers, who live only so long as
they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital. These labourers,
who must sell themselves piecemeal, are a commodity, like every other article of commerce, and
are consequently exposed to all the vicissitudes of competition, to all the fluctuations of the
Owing to the extensive use of machinery, and to the division of labour, the work of the
proletarians has lost all individual character, and, consequent
6 Days ago
NATION 7/197 | Haiti: +509 32 03 9738
NATION 8/197 | India: +91 72298 88866
NATION 9/197 | Venezuela: +58 424-2067470
27 Days ago
Thats right, pridenumber Sunday, this is a one time thing and we'll do 3 today
27 Days ago
Nation 6/197: North Korea
+850 2 381 4937
1 Month ago
I am fluent in Korean and English and I love Pokémon and JoJo's.
1 Month ago
아 혁명의 수뇌부 천만이 총폭탄되여 결사옹위하리라 우리가 틀어잡은 총검마다엔 장군님 보위해갈 맹세가 비꼈다 붉은기 날리는 혁명의 수뇌부 천만이 총폭탄되여 결사옹위하리라 사령부 지켜싸운 그 넋을 이어 피끓는 우리 가슴 성새로 뭉쳤다 조선의 심장인 혁명의 수뇌부 천만이 총폭탄되여 결사옹위하리라 아 아 결사옹위 김정일 결사옹위 김정일 장군님 사수하여 목숨바침은 전사의 제일가는 영광이여라 백승을 펼치는 혁명의 수뇌부 천만이 총폭탄되여 결사옹위하리라 아 혁명의 수뇌부 천만이 총폭탄되여 결사옹위하리라
1 Month ago
NATION 5/197 GEORGIA: +995 32 254 24 39
1 Month ago
NATION 4/197 FRANCE: +33 1 56 60 26 00
1 Month ago
NATION 3/197 NICARAGUA: +505 2674551
1 Month ago
US + CAN - +1
NATION 2/197: +1 (613)-992-7032
1 Month ago
NATION 1/197: (407) 843-4733
NOTE: DO not call.
We will do 5 today, this is the 1st.
1 Month ago
The Sunday Random PokeHeroes Phone Number Blog has started, 1 sunday, 197 numbers, we will start with the United States, a random possibly maybe valid number.
1 Month ago


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