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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 4,712/13,939


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Vento impetuoso
(Windy Castform)
4,85622,177,785 / 70,756,777
(Landorus (Therian Forme))
550430,017 / 1,136,439
Meloetta (Pirouette)
43843,872 / 721,059
Ivysaur19636 / 885
Bulbasaur54 / 44


We are at the end of May and it is time for the favorites of the month:
Pokémon in general preferred: Zoroark
Favorite Pokémon on Pokéheroes: Meloetta shiny and Landorus Shiny
Favorite Plushie: we don't lie but it is shiny dialga
Favorite item of the month: Reveal Glass otherwise Landorus shiny would disgust me
Word of the month: hug
Favorite food of the month: cold tea from the fridge
Moment of the month: there are many, but I choose 31/05/2019 when my friend hatched her shiny mega
Unrealized dream of the month: have a mega shiny more than slowbro
User of the month: They are two and they are Tommyboicat bittersweet
although many have come close to it including last month's user.I have already given the gifts to deserving users this month!
I want to clarify that choosing a user over all is not easy and I apologize for this, but know that in June it is not said to be the same! This scheme will remain in my "edit me" in a fixed manner and will be updated by month in a month, if the user does not want to appear, just say so and obscure the fact that he / she is.

ForeverAmu space!

Hello I'm ForeverAmu Hi everyone, I am ForeverAmu, but maybe someone knows me as Foreveralone, nice to meet you...
Who is ForeverAmu, is a user who has been on pokeheroes for many years and who firmly believes in the power of kindness and a smile. She tries to bring a smile to the various users he meets and is always willing, as far as possible to help anyone, so he is always looking for something and 90% of the time it is for someone else.

Collect shiny, his favorite Pokémon are Castform, Slowpoke and Bulbasaur, he loves black shiny and the pokemon he hates is klefki, but he would still like it shiny ...
My goals:
Get first Windy Castform:
Get my first event mega:
Get mega Yorebro:
Get victini: 7648 slowpokes!
Shiny mega Hatched from me! 03/01/2019 after 7649
Collect 100 Venonat plushie : Not yet
Collect 100 Slowking plushie : Not yet
I love anime and pokèmon.
ForeverAmu 14/01/2019 20:34But u must remember one choise I'M A SLOWPOKE QUEEN! Ferret~yes, your grace, the slowpoke queen, the ruler of all the slowpoke kingdoms, protector of the slowpoke realm
(you might not get that if you havent watched Game of Thrones)
Her best friends are:Zarkesh m3rCy,Ferret~, Cofagrigus,Rebecca , LordSamton and many others ... For her friends ForeverAmu would be willing to do almost everything, almost everything because there are still limits such as her Vento Impetuoso that DOES NOT touch it!
If you want to see ForeverAmu happy, it takes very little ... If you are happy about something you did then so is she, even if a gift doesn't disdain it ...

Shiny Hunt

ForeverAmu is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 03/01/2019

Chain: 1,725
39 11 1

Items that somone need collect!

I collect grass gems and poison gems ghost gems dark gems Pal pad me o send me a Pm for trade or give me them
My friend Cofagrigus collects Dragon gems and Normal gems
My friend Rebecca collects Water Gems
I collect these plushies:
My friend
My friends agayjew needs Ground Gems!
Zarkesh needs Fighting Gems!
Elpihas needs Normal Gems!

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #852653582
Registration: 19/09/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Nov/2019
Game Time: 3651:57 Hours
Total interactions: 7,333,507
Money: 284,806
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Today at work I received a big tip *.*
Today, 19:54
I need 2 gold keys
Today, 18:19
I'm really happy today
Today, 11:37
if you're wondering if ForeverAmu is like on pokeheroes even in real life the answer is yes!
Today, 11:32
Your Nosepharos evolved into Probolight!

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Yesterday, 21:08
I need someone that can evolve my event
Yesterday, 20:52
Do u like this avatar or u prefered the avatar that I had got before this?
Yesterday, 13:18
Guys sorry can u check for me if I have got shiny mudbray plushie?
Yesterday, 11:42
New avatar!!!
Yesterday, 04:04
Guys get ready because my brain has started to get in trouble the profits (in Italy we say "Make mental movies" and today I gave birth to a thought about gifts! Always them! Yes I have a strange relationship with gifts, I love them , but I hate them ... We were saying ... Is it fair to accept a very expensive gift as I don't know a mega shiny or something? Is it right to deprive someone of something so expensive?
1 Day ago
I found a picture that I really like it does anyone can do an avatar whith it for me?(Add my nick and reduce the dimension)
1 Day ago
Good night
2 Days ago
Thanks at all users that all users that tryed to won a shiny shroo event for me
I really apprecied it
3 Days ago
3 Days ago
Guys I need a huge favor! There is a shiny one in the auction house that I love, but at the moment I don't have enough to take it, but if someone takes it for me besides what it has spent I'll add: 1 White Powder, 1 map, 14 mistery items + 24 rare candys!
This is the pokèmon
3 Days ago
Does anyone sell shedinja shiny?
3 Days ago
True or false?
1)I have three moles on my arm that form the Orion belt
2) My favorite normal pokemon is blissey
3) I love to exchange books
4) I love spiders
1)for a funny coincidence it is true!
2)False!My favourite normal Pokémon is Castform!
3)True!I often do it!
4)False!I hate spiders!
3 Days ago
True or false?
1)I have three moles on my arm that form the Orion belt
2) My favorite normal pokemon is blissey
3) I love to exchange books
4) I love spiders
4 Days ago
I think I have SUPER friends! One of them calls me and says "Forever we have to celebrate your new job tomorrow night we go to a pizzeria! We have already booked!" Ahhhhh pizza !!!
4 Days ago



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ForeverAmu's Rules!

In there u can read my special rules!
My special rules:
1) Be kind
2) Be generous
3) Help those in need
4) Respect others
5) To be respected
6) Be polite
7)Do not accept PD from friends
8)Don't give up
9)always give a second chance
10) don't be insistent
Your rules before chat me!
1)Be polite
2)Think before ask me somenthig
3)I sell and trade all Pokémon that they are in my box before the special box...I have got some exceptions like 2 slowbro in my box that their name are mamma and papà or similar.Free to ask my Pokémon but DON'T ASK ME THE POKÉMON THAT THEY ARE IN MY SPECIAL AND LAST BOX!
4)If I say NO is NO don't insist!
5)If u don't like me ignore me please don't say me somenthig bad like "u are crazy" or similar...
6)I often like jocke so if u don't like please don't contact me...
7) Don't come to whine or beg for something please!
8)Be kind...
9)I somenthimes borrow my Pokémon but I want ALWAYS somenthing back for be sure that u give me my Pokémon back! For example you need mew for compleate your kantho dex and u have got victini I maybe ask u it and when you give me back my mew I give u back your victini!
10)Don't ask me random friendship I DON'T ACCEPT THEM!I accept the friendlist ONLY from the users that want be my real friend!

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