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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 4,109/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,07332,086,093 / 33,914,943

Items Collecting

Grass Gems


Cold Rock's

Light stone's

Adamant Orb's


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dawgSun, 28/Feb/2021, 22:07
JazzSat, 27/Feb/2021, 08:55
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Leo_chara3Thu, 25/Feb/2021, 18:09
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #276136399
Registration: 25/03/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/May/2021
Game Time: 5876:58 Hours
Total interactions: 3,683,372
Money: 284,251
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


interaction exchange?
20 Days ago
Wait what The bird trio is breedable? O_o

the only reason I've asked is because their name now show up in the tall grass.
3 Months ago
Since when did common gems become 1K each?
5 Months ago
help me hatch these two eggs so I can begin a Planned SM hunt please.
7 Months ago
Interaction exchange please.
9 Months ago
Interaction exchange?
10 Months ago
So what have I missed lately? :3

Been hooked on Ark survival since I've gotten it. I need some help. lmao
2 Years ago
When you havent played Spyro in so long you forget how to fly.

The controls are going to take me some time to adjust.
2 Years ago
Random question of the day.

Why does Dragonite have small wings? I never understood this logic.
2 Years ago
Anyone have a image of the new shiny mega? I'd love to see what it looks like. :3
2 Years ago
He's up to something.

Please have Victini as the prize.
2 Years ago
Reminder: Now that we can send the Gifts, before opening your gift's make sure you have a free space(s) in your party just incase you do get a retro egg.
2 Years ago
7 days in space and the only thing you've found is a Stardust? That's the best you could do?

Deoxys, You're FIRED!
2 Years ago
The moment when you do a typo and offer 3,150,000 on a trade. whoopsie.
2 Years ago
It look's like Kitchi crossed over into TLK :3

Avatar done by RoxasNuggetsXIII!
2 Years ago
Well this would have most likely been a amazing game.

Zoids Online Wars (PC/Mac)

A pay-to-play online game with a battle format similar to that of the Zoids Saga series in which players would battle over the internet. Subscribers were given the chance to purchase a limited edition Shield Liger Commander model, the game was cancelled however, before completion.

Stinks It got cancelled. Zoids didn't get much love. Long love Liger Zero!

2 Years ago
What happened to the storage box page. It's broken O_O

2 Years ago
After watching a video on Pokémon Let's go, Pikachu/Eevee I'd like to point out some thing they could/should of added.

1.Pokemon racing (Rhyhorn racing as well). This was cool in the Tv show. It would have been cool to race against the characters.

If you can think of anything feel free to add it. :p
2 Years ago

About Me

Hello there Welcome to My page, I breed, train and raise dragon types. Yes I do raise other types as well, but here it's about all Dragon types.

You can call me Fearless for short. ^_^

Shiny hunt box will be hidden when on break or just not hunting at the moment.

My Dont's
Don't ask me for free stuff.
Don't ask me to sell/buy nuggets.
Don't ask for my shinys.
Don't ask for my PD/ Items/ Nuggets or Pokémon

Avatar done by CreativeJackalope
Pyroar & Persian runners done by MetalHeadKendra

Goals for 2019

[] Hatch Shiny Rayquaza
[] Hatch SM Sceptile
[] Get Shiny Retro Lugia

Gift returns needed

Shiny Hunt

FearlessDragonite is currently hunting Weedle.
Hunt started: 27/12/2020

Chain: 1,527
48 23 0


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Berry Garden notes

Done by Akemie

Berry Juice (Sweet)
Pecha Berry
Watmel Berry
Wacan Berry
Mago Berry

Berry Juice (Spicy)
Cheri Berry
Spelon Berry
Tamato Berry
Chople Berry

Berry Juice (Dry)
Cornn Berry
Passho Berry
Kebia Berry
Wiki Berry

Berry Juice (Bitter)
Aguav Berry
Durin Berry
Rabuta Berry
Rawst Berry

Berry Juice (Sour)
Aspear Berry
Belue Berry
Iapapa Berry
Colbur Berry

Sour Galette
Yache Berry Minimum Level: 5
Charti Berry Minimum Level: 3
Sitrus Berry Minimum Level: 10

Sweet Galette
Kasib Berry Minimum Level: 5
Haban Berry Minimum Level: 3
Lum Berry Minimum Level: 10

Lava Cookie
Leppa Berry Minimum Level: 4
Persim Berry Minimum Level: 3