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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,567/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Weezing (Galarian))
998675,616 / 2,991,007

Game Records

Trainer ID: #757518184
Registration: 04/12/2022 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 239:16 Hours
Total interactions: 324,887
Money: 57,009
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


If anyone wants disc/snap pp me otherwise im ghosting this place all it does is bring me down
14 Days ago
I'm not giving things away. Im not wasting time setting crap up. Im not giving other people reasons to waste time on a site that crap people are making livings off of. I hope you all leave too.
14 Days ago
I was told that

"There is only one prize. It is my prized Shiny female flareon.
I hope she finds a home with someone who loves her like I do :)

There are 4 ways to earn a ticket per day, and I want this to be as fair to everyone as possible.
>Sharing the Hashtag
>Giving me a birthday present! (PD/item gift) (any amount you desire. A single Cheri berry is still a gift!)
>Gifting 1+ plushie
>Gifting 1+ pokemon in GTS"

This exact proposal was begging and the prize wasnt good

So giving away a shiny female flareon for potentially 3 berries and a magikarp plushie is begging.

Im taking a break from this site. I literally cannot stand anyone with authority here. literally can get bent

bye guys. peace. enjoy your time here. Cause i havent been.
14 Days ago
Lmao I just saw the funniest user profile. Some people get offended by the funniest things on this site xD and they think they gotta be like "don't tell me your favorite food or I'll block you" /s
But it's basically that level of nonsense sometimes I just have to laugh
16 Days ago
Im uh... trying to get something approved >.<
16 Days ago
Just... Pp me if you can be there for me rn....
16 Days ago
I need someone rn
16 Days ago
My birthday is very soon :o
what are you getting me? XD
17 Days ago
YouTube song link it's juice wrld but an AI..... It's depressingly beautiful to hear this song in his voice. I need a serious hug rn 😭 I could literally cry rn
17 Days ago
I wanna make a Spotify playlist with someone xD
17 Days ago
It's getting to the point I'd pay someone and give them my log in to sort my boxes cause I've put it off so long xD /s
17 Days ago
10600 Golden game chips time to spin
17 Days ago
Oh yeah and I went to Walmart for the first time in my life last night xD
I kept laughing to myself looking at all the people like "these are WALMART people, and I am ONE OF THEM"
I'll be opening 4 pogo packs soon and got a cute lil sleeping riolu plush
17 Days ago
I don't know why my housemates tell me literally nothing. It's like I don't exist unless I did something wrong. Then I overhear them talking that their friend in coming in a week and staying for a month. Like, I live here too and you don't think of telling me?

This is gonna be a rough freakin month

Ps typed swears and realized where I was xD /fuming
17 Days ago
I feel like such a @butthole so often and never know how to apologize so I just laughcry to myself ;-;
18 Days ago
team Yell was sacrificed to make sure my cards were authentic xD
18 Days ago
His car is awesomeee ;u;
19 Days ago
My s/o is on the way to pick up his first car and I don't get to see it until he's outta work at 9 pm
ugh this is anticipation at its worst
19 Days ago