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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 9,847/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Gengar)
1,5692,505,547 / 8,821,005
Ledyba212 / 15
Nightmare (17 OS)
9132,658,419 / 3,129,309
(Mega Crobat)
1,0061,968,239 / 3,039,127
Sunny (Strong.Jul19/2)
(Vivillon (Sun))
3,0555,940,633 / 28,008,241
Go 100
9811,035 / 29,107

My Favourites

Shiny Hunt

Dark~Phoenix is currently hunting Raylóng.
Hunt started: 04/07/2020

Chain: 23


About Me

Hello, my name is Dark~Phoenix and i love pokemon

Game Records

Trainer ID: #82215181
Registration: 30/01/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Jul/2021
Game Time: 2090:56 Hours
Total interactions: 10,667,782
Money: 339,128
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


By I_Like_Turtles - 49 Minutes and 3 Seconds ago. I forgot bout this account and relogged to give away everything i have to 3 lucky winners.

1st place will get my ditto + zapdos (these were expensive)
2nd place will get 86 star pieces 7 dragon gems and a lot of shiny's i guess?
3rd place will get my 'rare' shinys such as retro ducklet and some more
(i also have 2142 nuggets and some money which i will split between the 3)

i probably have some more stuff that you might like, just palpad me and i'll consider giving it.

if anyone has any suggestions palpad me

to enter spread this message and hashtag (please spread so maybe a new player can get a headstart)


Yesterday, 17:43
By ~Abyss~ - 14 Hours and 57 Minutes ago. OK so as you guys/gals probably know I'm retiring from pokeheroes... I love this game but I haven't been the nicest or most trustworthy... (Sorry to everyone I lied to and also to everyone who I said I would do something for.). You also probably know that I'm transferring most my account to my Close friend (Who I call my little brother) Human_Being. To "Celebrate" my last couple days here I'm gonna have 1 final giveaway.


Prizes are:
1: 3 Shinies
2: 3 Legendaries
3: 3 Events
4: 3 Shadows
5: 3 Mega-ables
6: A Mew

These will be given by places 1st chosses first so on and so forth.

To enter heart, share, and comment.(I would also like if you can give Human a item or PD to help him start off) When this is over the rest of my Pokémon will be I'm the auction house. Ends on the 13th of August.
Yesterday, 12:57
By beachbreeze - 1 Day ago. lets see
im bored I'm doing a giveaway
share #breezeisverybored and like this post.
the prize is solgaleo, gracidea and a soothe bell
ends in 3 days, good luck
1 Day ago
Everytime new frustrating how a "totally fabulous" egg mutate into a junkmon
2 Days ago
Chance to win 100 k pd :)
Hey guys i want to do another survey related to bug hatching contest. Give me two numbers, the first is your highest value you ever get in the minigame and the 2. number is your average value by doing the minigame and notice i will ignore entries with unbelievable numbers xD. This ends in 3 hours and a random user gets 100 k pd.
3 Days ago
Can anybody answer me a question to the bug hatching contest? Are these hints "Very talented", "cute" , "totally beautiful" aso hints on a chance of adoping a shiny/megaable/high rated egg or are these hints only random? And is the chance of getting a shiny/megaable or high rated bug higher by having clicked very much bugs in the minigame?
3 Days ago
By Ace_Trainer_Max - 6 Hours and 28 Minutes ago. *random giveaway*

:P giving away 4 shinies and 3 mega-ables to one lucky person! All you have to do to enter is share the hashtag #RawrRawr and like this post!

To get extra entries you can:

Share the entire post (1)
Gift a random mystery item (3)
Or gift a nebula stone (10)

Good luck!
6 Days ago
By TechnoGlaceon
So, I'm sorry for the closed feeds about the Chromebook stuff and all. About that, I'm doing a giveaway :D

Prizes! :)
1st place= 20,000 pd
2nd place= Gracidea flower
3rd place= A variety of gems

How to enter! :)
Share #GlaceonsGotHerChromebookback and share the original post.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 Days ago
By Stormy - 17 Hours and 12 Minutes ago. 🌹 Soo.. Anyone wanna guess what time it is..?

Giveaway time!! uwu

Prizes include :
1st place : 100k &100 nuggets
2nd place : 75k & 75 nuggets
3rd place : 50k & 50 nuggets

Heart this feed ❤ and/or
Share #devipie
13 Days ago
By BageltheBeagel - 5 Hours and 53 Minutes ago. #WhoWantsADragonGem

Share the hashtag to do a quiz for a dragon gem!
19 Days ago
Where we can summon Mew?
20 Days ago
By Iccywolf
"Oooookay.... the #TheBigOneYear is going to have 5 winners and each of those winners are going to get 1.6k nuggets that’s like what 2 months of premium I think...Anyhoot good luck things ends tomorrow on Monday don’t forget to enter and share again for a second entree if you want I guess"
23 Days ago
"Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 23 hours."
Nice, never before i was able to boil a Megastone, too nervous to loose the gems xD
24 Days ago
By Iccywolf - 14 Hours and 57 Minutes ago. Alrighty, you weebs I know there was no way I could beat Potted_Nugget. *cries* but I do have a solution to this. This is probably my last big giveaway in who knows how long and I'm going to giveaway, not 1 not 3 but 8k nuggets. That's right all you have to do is share the WHOLE POST and HASHTAG. The hashtag is #TheBigOneYear alright that's It good luck ends Monday.
24 Days ago
My new number was 10 - so it was higher than 9!
Oof in the 14. round :(
1 Month ago
Anybody interested in an exchange of the new plushies?
1 Month ago
Anybody needs shiny plushies? I will send.
1 Month ago
What do you think guys, will Riako give us the higher Mega chance also, if his post misses the 100 likes? Or will he insist on these exactly 100 likes?
1 Month ago
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!
1 Month ago


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