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Trainerlevel: 15

Trainerpoints: 510/689


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
484163,535 / 422,533
My best friend Forever
558,609 / 14,417
Hoggy25895,525 / 250,584
(Cursed Rapidash)
187429 / 105,469


This is the result of letting a complete and total idiot on the internet:

Howdy doo person who accidentally clicked on my profile and is so bored that they decided to read my ramblings that are about as entertaining as the pasta my brother ate for lunch! Hope your day was swell, either way. Anywaaays, I am a girl with nothing better to do than be a hopeless dork who eats way too many granola bars and won't stop drawing. I am part of many fandoms (that wish I would just go away most likely and stop drawing Ocs for them) those being the following:

GRAVITY FALLS! I am a fan of the bright colorful cartoon that has such unforgettable characters and amazing backstory. My OC for this fandom is a changeling named Finnie, basically a better more sentient version of the Shapeshifter

CREEPYPASTAS! I loooooooooooooooooooove anything that involves horror. I've actually written a few myself. I think that the best ones really stick in your mind in a way that makes you want to read it again even if it scares you. And it is my opinion that all those stereotypical Mary Sues and Jeff shippers give it a bad rap. Honestly, there are a lot of great people in the fandom who get judged because of some people's bad character writing and other choices. (Sorry I had to rant about it) My Ocs are Blackout, a ghost who shares her existence with a demon named Phantom because his face is similar to that of a Phantom and The Twins, who I am too lazy to explain (Just imagine a altered version of the twins from The Shining)

UNDERTALE! I am totally a huge gamer geek because I can say that I've played Undertale (Who am I kidding that means nothing) I didn't get very far, but I still am dearly attached to evrey character and would dust anyone who tries to harm them even though I despise the Genocide Route because I've gotten too emotionally attached to the characters to see them die. My OC is a corrupted computer code girl (I'm explaining it badly) named Glitch

10 random facts about me

1. I have long fingers, but I suck at playing piano
2. I am taller than most of the women on my mom's side of the family
3. I hate bananas
4. My favorite cereal is Cinamon Toast crunch
5. I am the most spaced-out person in the world
6. I once broke my wrist in 5th rade playing Flag Football and it was my dumbbutt that was the reason it happened
7. I am the only person who didn't have braces in my elementary group
8. I put garlic salt on my Mac and Cheese (If you think that's bad, I want to know why you ain't hating on those who put ketchup on eggs)
9.I am constantly thinking someone is behind me
10. I am secretly a potato who is trying to brainwash you with useless, boring facts

Here's some apology candy for the afterlife because I bored you to death


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Trainer ID: #88409441
Registration: 16/09/2020 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 254:29 Hours
Total interactions: 28,301
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Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Me: Alright, I worked really hard on this commission, it took me hours to draw, and I'm actually proud of it for once. I saved it, and now it's time to upload
Computer: Actually...
Me: What?
Computer: You didn't save it
Me: No, I swear I did *gets frantic* Is it in images? Downloads? Lemme search it
Computer: H-hey, it's only a drawing! You can redo it!
Computer: Uh, Dark?
Computer: DarkSpark?
Me: I...need to go cry...for a while...
Today, 05:05
By TomatoSoup - 16 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago. And one more for good measure.

I'm giving away 1 year of premium! (Or 8,000 nuggets since I can't force premium on anyone)
There will be one winner.

To enter, all you have to do is heart/comment on this feed. Don't forget to share the hashtag! Hopefully this one works lmao.

Giveaway ends in a week! Next Saturday at reset.
Today, 03:18
So..this girl has approached me. She says that she needs help, and will disappear if she doesn't get a name and backstoryShe's desperate. I will give you my Cosmogs and a Relic Copper if you can help us. Pal Pad me, PM me, or just comment. Please help this (possible new OC) live to see another drawing.
Today, 03:04
Thank you, strange girl! You gave me this Drifloon! It seems to want to take me somewhere...should I follow it?
Today, 02:23
By LukeArch87 - 4 Minutes ago.

Pay ur respects to Dobby, a free elf.
Today, 00:55
Yesterday, 23:54
By TomatoSoup - 1 Hour and 51 Minutes ago.
Small giveaway time!

I'm giving away 5 Shiny Applin! (Slots). Winners get to choose what gender they'd like.

To enter, all you have to do is heart/comment on this feed. Don't forget to share the hashtag! #GrannyApplin

Giveaway ends Saturday at reset!
Yesterday, 23:28
What's a Relic Copper?
Yesterday, 20:34
I'm currently drawing my OC's Halloween costume. I will post it once it's done, but try and guess it. For those of you who have seen her, it's Blackout that I'm drawing.
Yesterday, 17:40
Yesterday, 17:00
I was looking at my friendslist and realized two things:
a-I have a habit of never saying no to or ignoring friend requests
b-I'm a scaredy-cat who's afraid of offending the people I might remove because we've never talked or interacted at all
Yesterday, 05:33
You are the only one who makes my heart💓 beat faster and slower at the same time😘.

Also, someone stole my heart❤️. Can I check your pockets💌?

Not agaaain, What did I say last time? Huh?
Yesterday, 05:07
You have the most amazing smile😊. Don't let anyone wipe it off your face for any reason.✊🏼

I can see that whoever sent this was just trying to be nice, but it's also kinda creepy...but nice at the same time. So..thaanks??
Yesterday, 04:38

Yesterday, 04:37
Hey ! Stay happy and keep smiling😊. That's what makes you beautiful✨.

So nice of you to say!
Yesterday, 04:36
Hi frend:3

Don’t be depresso

Have an espresso

Aw, thanks! Unfourtanetly I don't drink coffe. But I apriciate the sentiment!
Yesterday, 04:36


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