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Formerly: D3nD3n_Drag0ni3r
Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,244/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
°•}Mothra Leo{•°
(Giga Butterfree)
32269,814 / 312,019
Zorua (Hisuian)18 / 9
Shellos (West)822 / 217
Miltank916 / 339

☀︎Get a Shiny Rayquaza
☀︎Complete the Alola Dex
☀︎Complete the Sinnoh Dex
☀︎Get every Dragon-Type Pokemon
☀︎Get a Ditto-
☀︎Get 1 Million PD-

Items I need
☀︎Meltan Candy x2
☀︎Ultra Saddles x9
☀︎Yellow Lunar Wing
☀︎Lake Trio Vouchers
☀︎Magma Stone
☀︎Orange, Purple, & Gray Feathers
☀︎Rusted Sword & Sheild (Preferably sword)

Gifts are always appreciated :)

Totally not an excuse to get free things

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"Wanna be my friend?"

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Future Shiny Hunts:

Note for me:
Komala- Belphie
If any Obey Me fans stumble upon this.. Give me shiny mon suggestions for other characters

If Alola Dex is finished:

If I have premium:

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Favorite Typings:

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I roamed the lands
The skies and seas
To search for the dream
That was waiting for me

The dragons roared
As the storms strike
The birds soar
While I follow the light

But alas,
All good dreams must end
For I woke up
Back on my bed...

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The Great (Chibi) Mammon has gone broke...

He spent all his money, gift him some?

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These 2 are my most favorite anime movies of all time

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Visit them? ↓

Nice frog :)

My mentor :D

Cool guy, always active

I just learned that they were a girl-

Changes their pfp a lot

A Positive Drgn girl :D

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Q & A (Pokemon)
☀︎Favorite mon?
- Easy, Shiny Rayquaza

☀︎Favorite Typing?
- Dragon no doubt

☀︎Favorite Starter?
- Charizard

☀︎Favorite Region?
- Kalos Or Alola

☀︎Favorite Gym Leader?
- Raihan& Allister

☀︎Favorite Champion?
- Cynthia
But Leon kinda hot though-

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I'm a Ravenclaw! Though I am a bit of a Slytherin What's your house?


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #571269359
Registration: 01/10/2021 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 691:23 Hours
Total interactions: 497,001
Money: 1,545,196
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Today, 11:37
My body is so sore cuz of karate
Yesterday, 05:24
Yesterday, 02:05
Yesterday, 02:04
Yesterday, 02:03
I'm in a good mood too
3 Days ago
I mean I like zapdos more but still
3 Days ago
Change of plans
We ain't going to taekwondo
We doing karate
3 Days ago
So my parents signed me up for taekwondo summer class..

My frail body shall be shattered
4 Days ago
Yes we are back in the Philippines, everything feels so big...
6 Days ago
I can never watch howls moving castle the same thanks to tiktok
8 Days ago
Oof airplane was full, guess we will be in Qatar for a few more days
9 Days ago
Yet we going back to the Philippines today
Hopefully nothing bad happens
10 Days ago
Noice level 37
11 Days ago
I got enough points to get another hisui starter...
Another Decidueye I guess
12 Days ago
I just opened YouTube and saw a rick roll ad💀
12 Days ago
I'm having an allergic reaction rn
My nose feels fuzzy and my eyes are crying for no reason
My mom took photos of us in a restaurant or smth for memories of father day and I look like I have been crying
12 Days ago
My two younger siblings are fighting each other for very stupid reasons
Empress is trying to calm them down
and I am so close to punching one of my siblings
12 Days ago

Welcome To My Profile

☀︎Names: Dragon Girl, Dragon Lady, D3n D3n, Day-Dreamer, or pretty much anything.

☀︎Description: Your typical night-time person. Filipino girl with messy hair and 3 annoying siblings

☀︎Likes: Dragons, Fantasy-related things, Sunsets, Space, Windy days, and Anime

☀︎Dislikes: Stupid and rude people, Socializing, FLYING roaches, and public speaking

☀︎Hobbies: Doodling, Recoloring Pokémon, Sleeping, Day-Dreaming, Listening to music, and Isolating myself from others

☀︎Fears: Too much to list. Has extreme paranoia, especially at night

☀︎I am not always active. You would probably see me online, but I am most likely AFK. I got school and limits

My Sister: ~Empress~

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Quote from me"The key to enter another dimension is through the mind"

Ground-types are friendly, good-natured and reliable. They tend to be somewhat shy and withdrawn, but are extremely loyal to the people they trust.

Dragon-types are intelligent, funloving and casual. They love to entertain or amuse their friends and are very loyal to them, but not dependent on them.

Which Dragon Type Pokemon are you?
Your Result:

You are a Salamence! You are red and blue and you love to fly! Ever since you were young, you dreamed of flying!

I am active around 00:00 to 8:00 (Server Time) but I can also be active around later times.
You can chat me in Private Messages or Palpad, but I prefer Palpad

I friend anyone who is interesting but if you are rude or salty, you might get stalked by me :)

If you insult my sister in any way, Don't expect me to be nice to you

Please don't ask for my pokemon in the boxes named NOT FOR TRADE and Alola & Sinnoh Dex. I would gladly give my other pokemon in the other boxes for free, but if you ask multiple times, I'll block you.

Don't set up PTs without informing me, it scares me.

Also don't steal the sprites I made

Thank you :)