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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 5,259/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
29531,766 / 261,961
Bullet Jaws
250130,804 / 235,314
Pirranha Jaws
244166,482 / 224,176

rules and prices

the person responsible forthis is todd hurwitch


if i tell you no on a certain trade and you keep bugging me; at best, ill block you; at worst, ill block you and report you for begging.


1 dont pal pad to offer me something especially since i probably cant afford it
2 dont pal pad me looking for stuff either if i got it for trade then ill post it
3 dont ask me to post your feed raffle or other things ill do it of my own accord
4 if its in my uft box its for trade
5 unless i post a plushie exchange or i respond to one of your plushies exchanges no plushies sent with expectation of a return

warning breaking any of these rules will result in blocking

uft prices

1 regular breedable pokemon 500 pd
2 regular event pokemon 10k pd
3 retros from concentration game 500 pd
4 retros from anywhere else 10k pd
5 legendaries minimually 50k pd
6 kyreum, celebi, shaymin, lugia 10k pd unless your new and under a month then free
7 legendary retros minimually 50k pd
8 special events 50k pd
9 legendary events 100k pd
10 shinies/mega ables already spoken for

Shiny Hunt

Cofagrigus is currently hunting Ferrerocoal.
Hunt started: 19/03/2019

Chain: 28

collecting plushies

just click on these to send so i can add to my hoard

collecting and future sm hunts

Rock gems:
Normal gems:
Steel gems:
Dragon gems:
Nebula stones:
Resolute stones:
Dark orbs:
ultra saddles

yes im collecting these but note i may not have the money to buy them so wait for me to post that i am buying before offering any of these and of course ill take donations if you wish to donate to me

future shiny mega hunts
bannettenstein 2 mega stone
crystal agron 2 mega stone
sala de minci 2 of them and one regular 3 mega stones
diancie 1 mega stone
shuppet 1 mega stone
snorunt both megas 2 mega stone
roykku 1 mega stone

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/Sep/2019
Game Time: 5841:20 Hours
Total interactions: 6,482,229
Money: 87,700
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


ok so i havent gotten all 20 and wont get the shiny version i just cant think of another place to look but saturday ill give another try to find the last three but i will be happy with just the event hopefully i wont cry about the shiny
Yesterday, 20:48
found all but three in one sitting omg that's better then last year
3 Days ago
the only reason i know that this is def a bug is ive found eggs at the beginning of each easter event each year ive been on and this never have happened before
6 Days ago
ok found an egg but when i click on it it says the event has ended
6 Days ago
6 minutes till the event happens. the only thing im glad about this event is there isnt a race to have 1st on site because everyone recieves the event egg at the same time basically
6 Days ago
goal last easter collect all eggs
goal this easter do it all in one night
6 Days ago
is everyone excited for reset?
6 Days ago
ok my son made me happy now so pp/pms back open
6 Days ago
is missing someone right now so pp/pm closed for right now
6 Days ago
about sniping- snipers happen everywhere there is an auction so if you dont like snipers then try not to bid on an auction because all auctions have a chance for snipers and you got to be prepared for that even on ebay or something else in real life i know its rude to snipe but its a fact of life and you either got to adapt to the possibility of a sniper or be constantly frustrated
6 Days ago
#PiyosSurvey just needs 9 more people and really its just two questions how hard is it to answer two questions
6 Days ago
Rioluinrio is selling pokemon and if you buy 3 you get a personal free mew fusion
6 Days ago
I cant believe i out sniped a sniper but i did and it was joyious and i didnt really pay all that much for the pokemon even with me doing that
6 Days ago
ShinySmeargul is selling poison gems if interested check out their last feed
6 Days ago
look i maY threaten my daycare every now and again but its usually after a full 10 hours of not getting an egg and its frustrating watching a whole day go to waste without one besides daycare seems to respond threats more then asking nicely so i dont know what to do i want to be nicer to daycare but i also want eggs
6 Days ago
I may not be the most generous person on this site or the most respected or the most liked but at least i got some real friends on this site
6 Days ago
four ferrerocoal eggs today? what is my daycare planning?? ill probably not get another egg before the end of the easter event then
6 Days ago
for being an annoying jerk of a pokemon karp is cute
6 Days ago
RastaPastaPanda is looking to buy nuggets if interested please check out her latest post
6 Days ago

Bullentin board for people

i generally put here what if anything that people need if you have something you need please pp me about it also if you have me blocked i wont post it

Foreveralone needs grass and poison gems if interested pp/pm her

the shaymin event is returning this year i m going for shiny shaymin plush but theres a 80% chance that it wont show up at all so i m going to need people to give shaymins to with all my interacting i got shaymin to show up 22 times the last time it was here i may do better the next time what im offering is ill give you the reject shaymins i get for free if you cant interact to get it yourself please pp/pm if interested

family and plushies

my sons: Omega_Mew, Cokodora
Im 37 year old woman who is just tired

please add these plushies to my hoard



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