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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 5,859/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Messenger Fletchling)
1,0913,582,708 / 4,256,295
Solar Eevee48858 / 7,057
Solar Eevee484,138 / 7,057
Solar Eevee4843 / 7,057
Solar Eevee486,105 / 7,057
Solar Eevee493,812 / 7,351

chickadee | 18 | she/her | bi

❖ im an artist, i mainly draw ferals n i dabble in anthro :> ❖
❖ extremely stressed out a bunch n not great mentally a lot of the time so dont expect super fast replies ❖
❖ pls dont show me spiders of any kind!!!! im terrified of them hhhh ❖
❖ bugs kinda spook me sldfjg ❖

fav music;
❖ any and all lovejoy songs!! ❖
❖ since i saw vienna by wilbur soot [n like all of his other music too] ❖

❖ comms | open ❖ art trades | open ❖ requests | closed

❖ pfp drawn by | Akaza

toyhouse ❖ | ❖ chickensmoothie
art shop ❖ | ❖ discord; Lupine#4405

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #225923376
Registration: 18/09/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1457:36 Hours
Total interactions: 234,206
Money: 2,209,764
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


pls my display tablet brokeeeee at least ive my old drawing tablet still so i can draw </3
1 Year ago
i cant find the final 4 eggs </3 ive looked through 2 site maps sdljgf
1 Year ago
i uploaded a char i made less than an hr ago n someone commented askin if id trade em,, nice try sldjfhg

[im not annoyed or mad or anythin i just find it rlly funny that the char is also in my neft folder lmao]
1 Year ago
september 2021 vs april 2022

def upgrade!! <33
1 Year ago
feelin good :eyes: should be well enough to finish comms n actually be on this site again now cause i didnt have a lot of energy,,

also i just wanna share a piece of art i did of my char anvil <3 this is the first piece in a while where im suuuper proud of a drawin i did of one of my own chars :D
1 Year ago
last night i was worried i was gonna feel a lot worse when i woke up [my friend couldnt get out of bed, my other friend couldnt talk bc it hurt so much] but i dont feel that much worse! :D <3

ig this gives me time to catch up on schoolwork tho o_o
1 Year ago
aight apparently i wasnt feelin well this mornin & aft bc ive covid LMAO </3

very unfortunate that my grandparents decided to have lunch together this morning hh hope they dont get sick (theyr healthy and have all 3 shots tho)

i woke up w a sore throat n thought i slept w my mouth open (like i do every so often) n thought nothin of it but i got a cough a couple hrs after i had lunch w grandparents and just took a test when my mom got home from work

i uhh dont have school this week tho bc of it :eyes: feelin fine tho!! just a cough, sore throat n my nose is runnin n stuff no serious symptoms sdfkhg
1 Year ago
feelin awful sdjlfhg at least my friend made a mc world the other day n i can curl up in my heated blanket n chill (to the best of my ability lmao idk where the advil or whatever is rip)
1 Year ago
got all comms n owed art sketched out :eyes: gonna try to finish em up this week in between a couple of personal pieces :D
1 Year ago
if anyone wants to suggest a couple pokemon for fusions or themes for pokemon char designs id love to hear suggestions :eyes: gonna doodle a couple :D
1 Year ago
yoooooo found my pen :eyes: it was under like 5 things sdkjfg
1 Year ago
pls i lost my display tablet pen </3

ive so much motivation n ive not been able to find my pen for like 7-8 hrs now hh
1 Year ago
hey! im back from a trip,, im suuper tired rn but im gonna sketch all comms and stuff today <3
1 Year ago
been a bit busy but ill be able to draw for comms n stuff next week :eyes:

ive just been doin personal art n gifts to calm down this week slfdhgdfh
1 Year ago
i had a nap and i woke up around 6 but i had to eat right away hhh i always feel super sick whenever i eat right away D:

both meals ive had today ended up w me feeling super sick so todays not a great day </3
1 Year ago
should be able to get to drawing in a couple days sldfjkghs
1 Year ago
school </3
1 Year ago

the winner is,, Silvesary!

feel free to pp/pm me ur char and details for the background/pose n stuff slfkjffh

ty for those who entered,, i really didnt know how many ppl id get lmaoo

im offering scenes in my art shop now since ive been really liking drawing backgrounds :>
1 Year ago
hey! im giving away a free scene of any **feral/feral pokemon** char :> [canine/feline like chars preferred]

here is an example! i will draw 1 char in the scene unless u want art of u and ur partners chars together sdlfkjgh

this will end in 24 hrs, all u have to do to enter is share #chickadeescene and favourite this post!! :>
1 Year ago


Shiny Hunt

Chickadee is currently hunting Solar Eevee.
Hunt started: 20/04/2022

Chain: 39