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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 3,237/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Ampharos)
1,048295,415 / 3,926,313
566905,467 / 1,203,459
Night Sky’s Edge
26769,088 / 268,336
Ariados18439,299 / 81,697
(Mega Latios)
257166,985 / 248,649


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Trainer ID: #61064830
Registration: 07/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 1456:09 Hours
Total interactions: 82,060
Money: 273,984
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Okay, so I know I haven't been on in a ridiculously long time (and I don't really think I'm going to be more active now or anything), but I just wanted to say something because I really didn't say this the first time I disappeared (and I feel like disappearing like that was probably more or less a way to avoid addressing all of this, which makes it even worse, to be honest).
Basically, I want to apologize. I really hate the way I acted (and far too often) when I was on this site. There are such awesome people here, and all of them are such great friends, and I really wasn't.
Like, I pretty regularly went on pointless rants, got caught up in whatever drama was going on, often started said petty drama, and got ridiculously obsessed over whatever I wanted regardless of any semblance of logic behind it.
Continued in comments because this is long, sorry.
4 Years ago
Okay, we are indeed going to do the quiz now! We only have an hour and fourteen minutes and will aim to cram in as many questions as we can in that time!
Potential Pokémon prizes!
Item prizes:
Lugia Egg Vouchers
Fan for Rotom
Blue Orb
Hard Rock
(Limited in stock, first-come-first-serve!)
> Only answer once per question until you get a response as to whether it was right!
> You may look stuff up, because the time that takes is a disadvantage and we have no way to tell anyway!
> Please no emphasis so our quiz-related posts stand out!
Got all that? Come here to participate!
5 Years ago
Hey, everyone! Princess and I were trying to gauge how many people would be available for a ChatQuiz starting in a few minutes so we'd know if we should do it now or if we should wait until the weekend when she has more time, since we didn't end up online simultaneously for a while and had to put it off longer than anticipated. Comment here (or, if she makes one, on her equivalent feed) if you'd be available!
5 Years ago
Okay, so I haven't been on here for several months with the intention of quitting, but since that started abruptly and I didn't really mention it to anyone in advance, that put me out of touch with a lot of people. I'm sorry about that!! D:
But I was told earlier today that some of my friends really missed me, so I'm just kinda posting this feed so that people who wanted to get in touch can do so. If you'd like, comment here and I will Pal Pad you so we can discuss how to get in touch offsite! (Like through Skype or just phone numbers or something!)
Not posting the information publicly so I don't get spammed; please comment if you want me to tell you personally! XP
5 Years ago
I'm really sad right now.
My original Y's save data was corrupted. No, not even that, actually - the game reads it just fine, Bank has the few statistics it shows with perfect accuracy, and there's no reason to believe it's actually damaged, but it won't load because it doesn't match the previous save data for whatever reason.
It's obviously still intact! I wish there was some way to fix it! ;-;
6 Years ago
Does anyone have three Dragon Gems? (Or do three separate people have Dragon Gems?) I have plenty of PD for the usual prices and just need to buy three.
6 Years ago
Across the past two and a half hours or so, I've been sorting out TM and HM compatibility for Fluorite and Onyx - that is, deciding which Fakemon can and can't use each TM and HM. Right now, every HM and 39 of 100 TMs have been plotted out entirely!
(There are a few new TM moves, which need to be assigned to canon Pokémon as well, but I'm just doing the Fakemon for now because MOST of the TMs existed in canon.)
6 Years ago
Introducing one of my favorite new Fakemon in Fluorite and Onyx: Cardional, the Heart Pokémon!
Cardional lives on Route 9, a path along the sheer cliffs of a canyon, and is highly attuned to the heart rates of those around it, able to interpret their emotions and health according to their pulse. If it detects fibrillation, it can correct it with a psychic shock.
6 Years ago
I am actually immensely satisfied with this
It's something I can't reveal yet though
6 Years ago
Pfff wow. I'm such a fail.
When you get an Easter Egg on Darktober of all pages and yet miss a link that had an Egg on the Gem Exchange. :'D
6 Years ago
Look which two Fakemon have been redrawn! =D
Chorice and Suchulent say hi!!
I'm a lot happier with Suchulent now; it seems more like a baby than before. cx Meanwhile, Chorice's design is unchanged - it's just new art for consistency with Suchulent!
6 Years ago
My motivation to get this last Egg has redoubled!
6 Years ago
Zona is planning on beginning a ChatQuiz in about 20 minutes! (So presumably somewhere close to 3:00 server time!)
6 Years ago
Hey, guys, do you remember Noctern?
If you do, you might be interested to see what happens when you use a Fire Stone on it!
Introducing Umbrellamp, the Fire/Psychic-type Lantern Pokémon!
6 Years ago
Spot the differences between these Nidoran and normal Nidoran! First one to get them all wins 10k! C:
6 Years ago
Probably should've remembered that page existed sooner. Whoops. XP
Now one moreee...
6 Years ago
Okay, the ChatQuiz is now over, and Swompy is the winner! Congrats to him! =D
I need to participate in a ChatQuiz at some point. I'm pretty sure that I've run more of them than I've entered, ahaha. Does anyone feel like hosting one maybe? No? Okay just thought I'd ask. XP
6 Years ago
Princess and I are hosting a ChatQuiz in the Herochat!
This should give a general idea of the rules, but in case Princess has alterations compared to the traditional rules, we will probably also be going over them in the Chat.
The prize for winning is SO NOT a Mega-able Buneary, definitely, and there will be fifteen questions!
6 Years ago


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