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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 28/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Tapu Bulu8413,009 / 26,776
Gastly23 / 48


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Gojirath 8 Hours ago
CarnifexCoronatum 7 Days ago
CarnifexCoronatum 7 Days ago
CarnifexCoronatum 7 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

CarnifexCoronatum is currently hunting Gastly.
Hunt started: 09/05/2024

Chain: 263
8 8 0

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Name: Michael
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Game Records

Trainer ID: #450051445
Registration: 10/03/2022 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Jul/2024
Game Time: 679:54 Hours
Total interactions: 4,355,526
Money: 2,661,427
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Aight, time to continue the sm gastly hunt
9 Days ago
Got a 316 point shedinja for the bug hatching contest. Rlly hoping for top 20
17 Days ago
Alright the winner of #accidentalgear is…


RenaneR will receive a magearna egg voucher as their prize for winning. Thank you all for participating!
20 Days ago
21 Days ago
So uh, funny story. Day before yesterday at 11:59 pm I realized that I had enough remaining game chips to have a good shot at getting the pokeball magearna. However the server delay caused my game chips to be added AFTER midnight so I ended up spending all my game chips on a regular magearna raffle. I ended up winning but I already have a regular magearna so I’m deciding to give this voucher away. Just like this post and share it with the hashtag #accidentalgear to enter!
22 Days ago
Finally got around to updating my pfp lol
22 Days ago
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

★★★ Congratulations, you won!! An egg voucher has been placed in your Item Bag. ★★★
Your chance of winning was 75.75%.

Probably a bit excessive to dump 500k game chips for a regular Magearna but hey, a dex entry's a dex entry
25 Days ago
Y’all, my friend made a discord strategy game. Join if ya want. https://discord.gg/TswVU8FU
27 Days ago
So a pair of rabbits dug themselves a burrow in my yard. Honestly fine with it, nothing excited usually happens there aside from the occasional bird's nest so might be interesting to watch them
1 Month ago
Make sure you are prepared before starting a Shiny Mega Hunt. The cost to maximize your odds can be truly mind bending. Premium is a given for the Pokeradar upgrade and extra shiny odds. Mega Cuff multiplies your mega chance by 5 times, the Blue Flute increases the amount of EHP you get and the Black flute increases breeding odds. The total cost of 1 month premium, blue flute, black flute, and mega cuff is 1,450 Nuggets. Keep in mind all of this is only PER MONTH. In addition, you will need a mega-able breeding pair with a perfect match and both holding destiny knots, which tend to be rather expensive on the item market and perfect mega-able pairs are rather hard to come by as well.
1 Month ago
Gonna start the sm gengar hunt in early june when school lets out. In the meanwhile, thinkin bout picking up drawing again. My pfp desperately needs a facelift lol
1 Month ago
planning on starting my 1st shiny mega hunt. The nuggets required for premium, mega cuff, and the blue/black flute boutta burn through my pd like kindling lol
1 Month ago
just did a bit of math and calculated that if you want to do a shiny mega hunt without premium, you would have to do on average 33 separate hunts, costing 1,639,344 pd in Pokeradar batteries and needing to hatch 3852 eggs in total (including the 40 eggs per hunt needed to build up shiny odds)
1 Month ago
me seeing the amount of HP eternamax eternatus has with a power weight: "How is this legal?"
2 Months ago
Planning something big. But first I have a question. Scarlet or Violet?
2 Months ago
"Hey, CarnifexCoronatum! Are you alright?
Sorry, I don't have much time to talk - I'm getting ready for my nephew's birthday party!"

Holdup, does this imply Riako is Rowan's nephew?
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
Bored so givvy!

Share #gotanygamesonyourphone and you could get:

1st: Mega stone
2nd: mega sharpedo
3rd: cosplay boxes
Join, NAO!!!
3 Months ago
3 Months ago
Fun Fair Tips:

For the Corn Maze make sure to use a pen and paper to map out the maze as you go through in order to avoid getting lost and make it back to the exit quickly

The Wingull Shooter ends after 100 points worth of Wingull/Pelipper pass by which totals to a max of 15 tickets per game

For Whack-a-Diglett, the hitbox for the dugtrio appears to be around the top of the head while the hitbox for wiglett, diglett, and wugtrio appears to be on the nose.

For Ducklett Fishing, try to catch the small Duckletts as they seem to contain more points than regular Ducklett and are more common than Shiny Ducklett
3 Months ago

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