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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,112/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
536507,786 / 1,020,201
~Lucky Kitty~889 OS
(Maneki Espurr)
410499,638 / 505,531
Koneko Kitten
(Maneki Meowstic)
367152,669 / 405,169
(Maneki Meowstic)
274131,405 / 226,051
9825,177 / 36,384
(Anniversary Cake)
563,522 / 9,577

aBoUT mEh

ok uh about me's have pics right so here a pic of my team

||Bulba||he/she/they||still has school||what do you put in here now||

Still in WIP help meeeeeeee
I'm currently have no wifi so I'll be poking here to time to time using data
Random Lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I need to rename my pokemons and do something with this about me

CharmanderForLive -->BulbaForLife
Gonna change it in 26 days and 8 hours after this
P.S. i like charmander more than bulbasaur
Quote from People I want to give a plush ~Bea~
Zarkesh x3

Currently have like 601 dp i wanna save it 4 later

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do u know I typed the 2nd poll with my el. blpow(elbow):P

PBB Team and rainbow charmander by Kendrawr

If you have anything from here pm me If u want to trade or use my "help me to complete my dex!" Thread I think I have it in my contacts panel

Rules because idk

Please don't beg for stuffs.It's also against the ph rules.

Don't send me a random battle request,tell me first.

Please don't send me a friend request.I'll accept if I know you or something.

Please try to not send me hi/hello messages especially palpad I like messages and I'll always respond back I just don't want palpad I couldn't see Palpad messages on pc and couldn't respond on my iPad if I go to my phone and see that then I'll be disappointed.

idk what else so soon 4 more.everything is messy oof

To Do List/Goals idk

Sprites To do list
Pkmn 1 [base]: Shiny Charizard Y
Pkmn 2: Milotic

Pkmn: Latias
Description: Make pokemon look like the night sky Like this picture

If you cant make it :better shiny Looks like Shiny Gabite

Pkmn 1 [base]: Shiny Mega Gardevoir
Pkmn 2: Chandelure
Others: more black and the flames from chandelure

Mimikyu costume
Pkmn: Lunala keep the Wings

rainbow lines
Pkmn: Ditto
Size: Big

Mimikyu costume
Pkmn: lapras

Pkmn 1 [base]: umbreon
Pkmn 2: espeon if I add umbreons rings make them blue


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #531245134
Registration: 10/04/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 575:26 Hours
Total interactions: 191,205
Money: 839,422
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


One more eggy to go that emerald one
5 Days ago
What's the average price for ultra saddles and a lake trio voucher?
5 Days ago
um now idk where to search now oof
5 Days ago
2 more eggs to go already o_o
6 Days ago
2/20 eggs so far oof
6 Days ago
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9 Days ago
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11 Days ago
YAY gOt 50k points I already hated that gameeeee aaaaa
11 Days ago
You reached 44680 points.
11 Days ago
Okayy what stuffs did I missed :I im using data rn
12 Days ago
Hmm I think I might leave this site for a while because I won't have wifi for a while until it installed on my new house...
I hate moving
17 Days ago
By Fukase - 7 Hours and 50 Minutes ago.
I'm finna do a giveaway bc I have no life and I'll be leaving after this hunt

Ends whenever I feel like it, just share #SaphHasNoLife and friend me bc I need friends :')

There will be two prizes. First place is a Nebula Stone. Second place is 100,000 PD.
17 Days ago
tOtAlLy AgReE
17 Days ago
Wait just realised that this event is the 200th post on the news... okay lol
18 Days ago
I've got a V I C T I M in my party xD spoiler for event xDDDD
18 Days ago
By: RastaPastaPanda
Well guys, the time has finally come! I would like to introduce to you...
The Shiny Shop Of Horrors! The newest discount shiny shop to hit the forums ❤️
In honor of our grand opening, we will be hosting a giveaway. All you need to do is like the OG post and share this whole post to be entered to win one of 3 wonderful prizes!
Our prizes include a FREE shiny slot from our breeders’ starting hunts: Koffing, Bagon, Rockruff, Spiritomb or Zorua
First Place: 1 shiny of your choice from the list above
Second Place: 1 of the last 4 remaining shinies
Third Place: 1 of the last 3 remaining shinies
Good luck everyone and we look forward to starting this new adventure with you! ❤ #ShinyShopOfHorrors
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18 Days ago
How did "DucklettLover12" know I've hit puberty??? (Well sort of lol)
18 Days ago
Im sorta excited for tomorrow *insert some happy mixed with excitement and something else here*
19 Days ago


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