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Formerly: MegaNidoranF
Trainerlevel: 22

Trainerpoints: 1,388/1,473


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Caterpie14 / 8
Caterpie15 / 8
Caterpie17 / 8
Caterpie15 / 8


A little bit about me

I believe the above three lines bring about a stereotype that I will be racist and discriminatory, I am not, I may not support all standpoints, but I will respect all standpoints.
Middle schooler
Amateur artist, animator, and spriter
Pokemon nerd
Favorite food: chili Drink: lemon tea Dessert: Brownies
2 favorite book series ATM:
1. Darkwoods: different bands of animals fighting to stop conquerors. Similar to Redwall. By Marta Stahlfeld
2. The Fairytale Romance Series: A set of books that reimagine popular fairytales in much more young-adult-friendly stories taking place in early Germany and England. Visible Christian undertones. Nothing inappropriate, some possession near the end of book one, and the male MCs are REALLY good at getting injured. By Melany Dickerson.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #235969226
Registration: 05/12/2021 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 147:46 Hours
Total interactions: 85,387
Money: 73,536
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


Regarding my last post
I pulled it off with 30 minutes to spare
I feel like I wasted so much time interacting today...
1 Day ago
I did the math
If I max out on interaction points every hour until the event ends I’ll be able to get all three Pokémon

I’m doomed lol
2 Days ago
Something about the age we live in: I feel very nervous or uncomfortable when stating some of my more… controversial opinions simply because of the response I know (or at least fear) I’ll get. How hard is it to listen and accept somebody’s worldview peacefully???
4 Days ago
Chain 61 already... Caterpie hatch much faster than Bulbasaur XD
4 Days ago
“Nope. We won’t bring you mystery items ever anymore.
All the berries, gems, and cooking supplies you could ever ask for.
Even some star pieces. But. No. Mystery Items.”

~Sincerely, every single Pokémon I’ve sent on a rumble mission in two weeks
5 Days ago
The PLA storyline reminds me a bit of the Pokémon rescue dungeons ex storyline… (also, I feel like noble 3 was the strongest… once I got in the rhythm 5 was actually fun…)
6 Days ago
8 Days ago
Just a reminder this exists. My art is pretty darn cheap, so at least check it out even if you don't need anything! ^-^
10 Days ago
Me drawing wolves back in January: wow these look so good 🤩
Me looking back at those wolf drawings now: HAHA WEINER DOGS
13 Days ago
My brother: *gets elected as student council chaplain for his school next year*
Also my brother: *Kicking soccer balls at people so they forfeit soccer-unrelated games*
14 Days ago
By ~SakuraMoonEXE~ - 23 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.
Well, Moonlight is about to reach level 100, so… my first giveaway!
The winner gets 20,000 pd!
Just share #MoonlightShine
14 Days ago
By ~Torracat~ 2 days ago

[Announcement + Giveaway!]

Hardly anyone knows, but I have a book that I've been working on for a while now. Recently, with the stress of the final months of school and writer's block, I haven't been able to complete my 1 page a day goal. However, now that it's summer vacation, I've had more time to work on it. I just reached 20k words - to be considered a novel, it must have 75k+ words, which means im 1/5th of the way done!! ❤❤

In celebration of this milestone, I'm giving one user 200 nuggets~

How to enter:
❤ this feed + share the hashtag #HeavenFallen

If you'd like to read my book, you can access it anonymously here

*le clap clap* me like the book ^-^
15 Days ago
I'm feeling a little philosophical today
Just a heads up, this might seem offensive to some political views, it's not supposed to be
'Respect everybody equally'. A message used a lot these days. But it holds a fallacy. Would you treat the Queen of England with the same respect you have for a 1st degree murderer? No. Treating people equally completely destroys any point of trying to be a good or bad person. After all, if a burglar is given the same respect as me, why wouldn't I become a burglar also? People shouldn't be respected equally. They should be given the equal opportunity to be respected equally. But what they do with that opportunity is up to them...
15 Days ago
My goals for this summer because I like to aim high plus I don't feel like that much interaction with my cousins and siblings who are all boys and they play weird zombie larp games together that I need an excuse to avoid
~Transcribe the song 'Monody' into flute music
~Learn HTML
~Make a stuffed animal that ain't deformed
~reread Darkwoods once a month
~get 2 more customers in my art shop
~Work up the courage to show my story to somebody outside my family
~make an unspecified number of retyped Pokemon.
17 Days ago
I finally finished my history project. That means for the next 3 months you guys won't hear me whine anymore. Nope. Just happy obnoxious BamBam who is way to cynical of the government
18 Days ago
HENDJDNDB I MAINTAINED A 4.0 GPA THIS YEAR :OOO (I mean, still panicking about dumb history final, only a few kids have got A’s, but feeling good for the other 3 tests left)
19 Days ago
New pfp by my bff RedPandaPixels on Scratch!
24 Days ago
11 users have added me to their friendlist. On average, I get 2 hearts on a feed. That means about 9 of y'all are ignoring/annoyed by my posts. :p
1 Month ago
By PokéRadar - 8 Hours and 47 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Bulbasaur hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #62)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

*screams like 3 year old child*
1 Month ago
I was zoning out, and almost misspelled a word on my homework...

ngl the Bible teacher would be very confused on, "The man tells Daniel not to be afraid, he has come because of his fleas."
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

BambooTheAlbinoPanda is currently hunting Caterpie.
Hunt started: 17/06/2022

Chain: 112

People you should go follow

Aname- the first person on Pokeheroes who made me feel welcome :)
~Torracat~- She has a good sense of humor and she has been very kind to me in the one interaction we had
*SakuraMoonEXE*- a Christian and suuuper duper nice
GreenOwlStudios- gave me a code for toyhou.se, a site that has really helped me start to keep track of my 100+ OCs (yup, just ignore only 2 are uploaded so far, busy child)
ShatteredDiamond- indirectly helped me realize that something hadn't worked right in a contest entry in time for me to fix it
Hunterz~Wolf - one of my top 3 role models atm :)


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