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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,125/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Celebi291,405 / 2,349
Swablu19665 / 1,689

Chase | Alex | Damien | Mike | Dirk

he/they transmasc demiboy

spanish & english OK!
♡ currently taken ♡
21 y/o (9/6)

Hey there! Welcome to my profile.

I like meeting new people, so don't be shy to PP/DM me! Although sometimes I am of few words, so please be patient.

English isn't my native language! Feel free to correct me if I make any mistake.

By the way! I'm currently selling/trading some of my mons. Check out my Sell/Trade and Hunts I/Hunts II boxes. Contact me if interested!

Current Shiny Hunt!

1. jh34567
2. ShinyMegaGardevoir
3. ShinyMegaGardevoir


200k PD 135 Nuggets 30 Electric Gems

Slots are payed at the same time I give you the shiny!
Keep in mind, It'll take a while for me to hatch it.
Electric Games are a payment temporarily!

I'm also selling non-shiny Axews! There are breeding couples or just male/females! If they've evolved, their price goes up by half.

Start Prices!

(Non-Shiny) Male Axew Min. 500 PD, Max. 1150 PD
(Non-Shiny) Female Axew Min. 550 PD, Max. 1235 PD
(Non-Shiny) Axew Breeding Pair Min. 1050 PD, Max. 1575

Shiny Hunt

Ashuramaru is currently hunting Axew.
Hunt started: 18/04/2021

Chain: 126

Game Records

Trainer ID: #691730910
Registration: 29/03/2021 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 111:43 Hours
Total interactions: 249,622
Money: 55,191
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


By Bambii - 10 Hours and 13 Minutes ago.
So I'm starting a small give away that will end when i hit chain #7000

All you have to do is warm my eggs and share this hastag #RaceTo7K

Prize is 300 nuggets.
If I get my sm before chain #7,000, the prize is raised to 500 nuggets!

Always looking to buy gems as well!
Good luck!
Today, 14:47
"One of your eggs hatched into a Celebi!"

yay! :D
Today, 14:25
"By Badges Report - 1 Hour and 10 Minutes ago.
You obtained a new badge (Hoarder)!

Build up your personal army and hoard at least 100 Pokémon of the same species!"

Personal army of Axews, lol
Yesterday, 21:21
Oh god why does everybody miss the "for [x] PD" I swear--
Yesterday, 17:04
7 eggs @ daycare... help, please?
Yesterday, 16:08
Just got some mons at the beach... Anyone's interested in any of these?
- Tentacool
- Horsea
- Goldeen
- Magikarp
- Gyarados
- Marill
- Remoraid
- Azurill
- Frillish
- Tynamo
- Wishiwashi
2 Days ago
The Emera Fountain gave me a slightly increased shiny chance for two days straight... and still no shiny u_u
2 Days ago
Celebi Egg! :D
2 Days ago
Also remember I'm selling or trading mons from my Sell/Trade & Hunt boxes! Payment is PD only (but don't forget the junkmons)!
3 Days ago
"Wonder Trade Report:

Spinda => Woobat
Dodrio => Leafeon
Golbat => Pidgeot"

Leafeon!! well, that works :]
5 Days ago
Dragon Gems are sold out!
There's some Fairy Gems left! I lowered the price a bit, they're 1500 each now ^^
6 Days ago
By ShadowDragon86 - 5 Hours and 15 Minutes ago.
Hey guys! I'm doing a giveaway! :)

The prizes are:
1. A Combee Slot and a Ultra saddle
2. A Nebula stone and a Cold rock
3. 50 nuggets and a Mind plate
and someone who didn't win will get a plushie spam. :)

To enter, like this post and share the hashtag #TreekoBoi
This ends May 11!
Good luck!
6 Days ago
"By Wonder Trade - 58 Minutes and 2 Seconds ago.
Wonder Trade Report:

Falinks => Pinsir
Azurill => Zubat
Furret => Tentacool"

ah... alright
6 Days ago
Alolan Vulpix... So pretty...
7 Days ago
Finally, found a Shiny Stone! Now I have a Togekiss ^^ next is Roserade!
7 Days ago
Finally! Alolan Egg! Hope this one doesn't break my chain either >_>
7 Days ago
200k interactions '-'
7 Days ago
By EeveexEspeon - 9 Hours and 17 Minutes ago.
Ok My People I Am Doing A Giveaway
1st Choice between mega able heracross or mega able ampharos
2nd 100k pd and a ralts breed pair
3rd 20k pd and a random poke
#EmoTodoroki to join
it ends on the 3rd
7 Days ago
By -Espeon - 59 Seconds ago.
My first giveaway! All you have to do is share the hashtag #TeddiursaFever and like this post to enter. Ends one week from now, on May 5th.

1st Place: Shiny Teddiursa
2nd Place: 50 Nuggets
3rd Place: Plushie Spam
7 Days ago
By ScottiferTheEmoGuy - 16 Hours and 36 Minutes ago.
Im giving away things, some items include: gems, mystery items, pokemon, etc. To enter, use #FeedCoraForScottifer, give Cora a berry, comment proof, and like this feed! Ends Sunday at 8 am!
9 Days ago

Please train these Pokémon!
I'd appreciate it a lot.

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Custom mons!

Credits ♡

My PFP is from Monster Camp! Art by Arthur Tien.
The character I'm using right now is Sawyer!

Pride flags made by KalicodeShark on DA!
Elegant divider made by EmpressOfRoses on DA!
Sparkles divider made by GreaserDemonDesign on DA!

Plushies ♡

Regardless if it's a personal fave or not, I appreciate the gift! ^^
Don't be surprised if I give a plushie back! I love gifting things! ♡

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