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Formerly: Rice
Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 2,139/6,959


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
§« Eriena »§
(Giga Hatterene)
9932,142,622 / 3,701,409
Kitema9223 / 271

Hi there! 🌺

Asagata 🌅 | Amateur artist 🎨 | ♑️
INFP-T | Awkward and lazy | +7 GMT | Can't be eaten :))

Uhh hey, welcome to my profile :) (eeeeeee :3)

I may not type of social person you meet, but if you ever need help, you are free to send me a PM. I'll respond back when I have time ;3 ♥
I don't bite, so you don't have to hesitate :D
(I'm pretty lazy tbh)

If you want to add me to your friendlist, you're free to do that, I won't mind. But I probably will not add you back, as I disabled friendlist notification

Don't bother asking me for free Pokemon, or free items. So in short, I'm not selling anything

*Online time: Around 0 a.m - 16 p.m server time (can be earlier, or later) :3

Shiny Hunt

Asagata is currently hunting Kitema.
Hunt started: 07/06/2021

Chain: 12

Last Visitors

SilvieStarToday, 07:24
BabyEevee22Today, 04:32
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #736349813
Registration: 18/07/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1271:05 Hours
Total interactions: 558,563
Money: 586,860
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Giveaway, I guess:
Feed/Train/Guest click this Quest Dragonite for a chance to win 250k PD!

How I count entries:
- Feed a berry: 2 entries
- Train: 1 entry
- Guest click: 1 entry
* The more you feed/train/guest click, the higher chance you get ^^

Heart this feed, share #DragoniteQuest and comment proof (copy paste, screenshot, etc.) to enter. I'll make a Google Spreadsheet for this and the winner will be drawn using random.org
(You have to do all of the three. I'll be checking :3)

Good luck!! >w<
4 Days ago
Your coin looks much larger than the all others!
(Increased mega-able chance)

Mega kite? :}
5 Days ago
I have only 1 Kitema in my party, but the Wondercard page says that I have 2

Is this some sort of bug after the 'unable to claim Event Egg' bug? :/
7 Days ago
The new Event Pokémon is so gorgeous omg!!!
Thank you to the spriter who made is Event, this made me remind of many beautiful past memories (yes, I did fly kites when I was about 5 or 6. It's just that now I live in a city so it's much more dangerous to fly kites here ;^;)
Once again, just want to say thank you :3
7 Days ago
Hi~ As you remembered, I did host a giveaway, where I'll make 50k interactions and give away 100 random Gems + a Mystery Box, right?
Unfortunately, I only reached 31k interactions by the time I went to bed *sad Dreepy noise*
But, the prize will still be distributed, and here are the winners~
Congratulations! I'll send the prizes now. Thank you so much everyone who have joined my giveaway ♥
8 Days ago
Since it's x2 day, and I have free time, so I decides to make 50,000 interactions today include interactions that I made before posting this feed (no joke, I'll actually do it >:3)

Also, I'll give away 100 random gems to a random user who ♥ this feed (for fun tho, I set my 50k interactions to get PD in exchange for Nuggets). And I'll throw in a Mystery box for another user too :3

This ends when I reach 50k interactions, or at reset, whichever comes first (If I'm able to reach 50k interactions, I'll make a feed proving that)

So uhh, good luck :)
8 Days ago
Opened my art shop again :3
Added some alternative options (including Stardust :})
11 Days ago
Well... I guess I have to pause this shiny mega hunt for a long tome because I currently don't have Nuggets to continue being a Premium member...
So anyways, just want to ask: Should I just give up and move onto lab hunt or... keep this chain and not getting any eggs until I get Premium back? :o
14 Days ago
Random question: What's your favorite color? :3
Mine's every shade of purple >w< 💜
16 Days ago
How much do you think Retro Celebi is worth?

I've searched on Price Check and Stonks but I want to see other users' opinions about this to state the best price :3
1 Month ago
Little question(s):
Will the King Rod disappear when the Event Distribution ends? And if not, then will Fishleon appear when this event ends? (Basically after this event ends, can I catch any Fishleon from the King Rod or just Karps and Tentacools and random stuff :/)
1 Month ago
About my last feed, here are the fusions I chose (I'll color later :v)
If I don't choose yours, it's probably because it's too hard, or I can't think of how it looks like ^^"
1 Month ago
Suggest me 2 or 3 Pokemon so I can make a fusion of it
If I happen to choose your suggestion, the fusion I make will be yours, regardless of having Toyhouse or not :3
That's all. Also, if you want any Pokemon in my last feed, feel free to ask me in the last feed's comment :3
1 Month ago
Selling Pokemon in this and this rn
Free for non-shiny/mega-ables/legends. 10k PD each for the rest of them :3
1 Month ago
Help! I forgot what to type after 'billrockz' to get MisingNo. ;w;
1 Month ago
#newavi I made by myself owo
(You should wait a little bit to let it upload fully)

Character: x
1 Month ago
Giving away Shiny or Mega-able Numel to first 20 users comment on this feed (You can only choose 1 of them)
Ends tomorrow or when 20 users reached :3
1 Month ago
Me doing an online test: *not a perfectionist* I got 175/195 points! I guess that should be ok... I mean, I don't wanna get full marks, really ^w^
My teacher: Not ok 'til you reach perfect score. You must get 195 >:(
Me rn: ._."

(Help me ;w;)
1 Month ago
Rate my scratch sprite from 1-5? (1 is lowest)

And it'll be great if anyone can give me some advice in making sprites ^^"
[size=8]*Character belongs to alexia99hunter[/size]
1 Month ago


Still waiting for Dreepy to be added to PokeHeroes ;w;

Plushies! 🌸

❤️ ♩ ♪ ♫ ❤️

✨✨✨ Collection | Gift Log ✨✨✨

Contact me! ^^


Ferrolights 🐱#2252



(probably no longer using this but whatever :v)

Prinkle Lix
(This is my old username. I want to change the name but I can't ;^;)

Credits :3

Avatar by me (free to use, but have to credit)
Character in my avatar: Mewo © Omori

Luna and Yamineko plushie by Hime-Nyan

Electreepy plushie by Akemie

Sparkle vertical banners by AviCode (TH)

Flower pot sprite by Furret

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