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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 1,491/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Drifloon434,813 / 7,721
Primarina19146,608 / 126,375

Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone! I'm ArtsyDude3 (Artsy or Art for short :3) and I am SUPER into Pokemon! My favorite is Popplio (no judging plz, it so cute) and I have played SM, USUM, ORAS, XY, GSC, Let's Go, POGO, and SwSh. I also play Smash Bros Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Minecraft, and too many Mario games to fit in this bio. I am a proud gay furry, and I'm looking forward to making some friends here!

I am an amateur artist as well, so if you need a project done, I'll see what I can do to try to get it done ASAP! I specialize in pixel art, but I'm also pretty good at hand-drawing Pokemon! PalPad me if you are interested.

If anyone needs a listening ear for any reason, I am here for you. There is no judging on this page based on sexual identity, gender identity, being a furry, or anything else. <3

UPDATE: If you see a Pokemon you want in my "Extras" box, you may PP or PM me with an offer! I'm looking for:
PD / Nuggets
Pokemon or Pokemon forms that I don't have
Certain items

Progress Bars!

Kanto Pokedex (94/151)

Collect all Egg Radar Chips (Easy, Medium, Hard, Rare, Legend, Starter)(4/6)

Reach Level 25 (23/25)

Collect all Plushies (325/793)

Collect all Badges (20/32)

Collect all Puzzle Pieces (129/672)

Pride Vivillon (1/1) | COMPLETE!

Thank you SO MUCH to CeNedra for helping me!!!! :3

Shiny Pride Vivillon(?) (0/1)

Shiny Hunt

ArtsyDude3 is currently trying to hunt Combee without PokeRadar
Hunt started: 12/09/2021

Eggs obtained: 46
Eggs hatched: 44

0 | 0
Next Hunts
Super Shroom

Super Breloomio


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ArtsyDude3 11 Days ago
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Narrowing Down Favorite Shinies

Note: Must be type-balanced, one of each color, with me as the OT.



Mega Altaria

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Mewtwo (Mega [N/X])
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #119804706
Registration: 09/06/2021 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 130:29 Hours
Total interactions: 133,180
Money: 231,135
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


What does "The two don't seem to like each other." mean for getting eggs from them?
Today, 14:41
"Oh, there's this Drifloon again!

It seems to want to join you!"
1 Day ago
By JustDewit - 38 Minutes and 19 Seconds ago.
"im bored
so ima do a giveaway
share #Iceceamgiveaway for a chance to win my shiny vanillite"
Sounds reasonable to me!
1 Day ago
I pressed the back button and it led to what looked like Allister without the mask holding a Drifloon. I clicked it and it disappeared and took me back to the DWS...
2 Days ago
By Kirinate - 13 Hours and 39 Minutes ago.

3 Days ago
I'm trying to milk a Miltank, but it just keeps showing a "?", what am I supposed to do?
5 Days ago
I was about to take a Pokemon from the Auction House, but I saw MsLovelyRainbow had the highest bid. I left it as a act of friendship :3
5 Days ago
By RSeriT - 9 Hours and 46 Minutes ago.
"All right my next giveaway share and heart #Long_Test_is_Cancelled to win a DNA splicer White. Will end on January 25 and results will be announced on January 26"
6 Days ago
Yeah, can confirm, the Cresselia is NOT shiny.
6 Days ago
#ArtsyBrilliantBirthdayBash UPDATE!
I will put your name in ANOTHER TIME if you have me in your Friends List by the end date: March 14, 2022.
Best of luck to everyone! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
8 Days ago
"February is **just around the corner!** Does anyone know what that means? (。^▽^)"
It means my birthday is coming pretty soon!
So, I'm going to start Artsy's Brilliant Birthday Bash!
What makes this birthday so brilliant? In this bash, I'm giving away Gems (like Brilliant Diamond, get it?)!
1st Place: 200 Gems
2nd Place: 100 Gems
3rd Place: 50 Gems
Heart this feed to have your name put in once.
Share the hashtag #ArtsyBrilliantBirthdayBash to have your name put in once.
Share the whole feed WITH THE TIMESTAMP to have your name put in once.
Therefore, you can have your name put in three times at maximum!
This event ends on March 14, 2022, because that is my birthday!
8 Days ago
"You have been outbid on an auction!
Auction: Mew (Retro)
(Your bid: 60001 )"
"This auction has already ended!"
So close. Yet, so far.
8 Days ago
"Hey, my name is Lyra and I'm from the Johto-Region!
In a few days, the big Apricorn Battle starts here at the Emera Square! All trainers of this town are invited to participate. All you will need are some apricorns and the diligence to be the best!
We are still busy with last preparations, so please come back later.
The next Apricorn Battle starts on January 21st."
POGGERZ!!!!!!! (-O-)
8 Days ago
Period. No question. Just do it.
8 Days ago
By Emolga59 - 10 Hours and 59 Minutes ago.
"Giveaway Time: In honor of my shiny shop reopening, I'll be doing a giveaway with 3 winners :3

To enter, heart this feed and share the hashtag #EmolgasShiningGiveaway for others to see!

Prizes are as follows:
1st place: 2 free shiny slots from me+50% discount on another slot
2nd place: 2 free shiny slot from me
3rd place: 1 free shiny slot from me

I recommend continuously checking out my shiny shop in the shiny hunt subforum to check when there's a hunt you want to use your free/discount shiny slots on (you don't have to use them right away)

These free slots count for one pokemon (Example: If you order 3 shinies of the same species, and have two free shiny slots, you still have to pay for the third one)

Giveaway ends slightly after the 18th (reset time) since I won't be home until about 40 minutes after. That will also be when winners are announced.

Thank you!"
Good luck everyone! :)
10 Days ago
My Espeon just found a "Spray Duck" after rumbling at the Eternal Tower for 12 hours!
... but I don't have a Blossomly...
10 Days ago
"By Mathisthebest - 6 Minutes and 15 Seconds ago.
I'm going to do a giveaway, mostly because I have something tell. I'm going to be taking a break from Pokeheroes for some weeks, mainly because of IRL problems, and situations. If you want to know the prizes, here they are.
1st place: 3 Lugia egg vouchers, 2 random shinies, and 2 golden keys, and 2 dragon gems.
2cd place: Hard rock, 2 Nebula stones, and 1 dragon gem.
3rd place: Two mega able Pokémon, random, and some PD.
Share the hashtag: #Mathwillbeback to participate.
Ends on 2022-01-21."
Have fun on your break! :)
11 Days ago
I probably couldn't say anything that's as empowering as others have said, so go click the hashtag and read them! :)
11 Days ago
"No matter what you think about masks, you need to wear them. It's not about you." - My school's principal over the intercom just now.
THANK YOU. Maybe these dumbos in my school will actually LISTEN now.
12 Days ago
By MsLovelyRainbow - 11 Hours and 52 Minutes ago.
Two things-
One this is a giveaway for 100k PD, interact with my eggs so i can get this hunt over with and share hashtag and tell me your sexuality.
Two, you might've noticed I added an S. That stands for Straight. I didn't wanna disclude all the straight allies out there-
And yes, I know there are many more sexualities that aren't in there.
I'm a gay furry! :3
12 Days ago



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My Friends List!

Under Construction...

I commissioned a few pixel art pieces for them, and they're pretty cool, too.
I played an online game with them (idk what it was called, something about bombs and spelling) and found out that we have quite a bit in common, and they seemed like a good person.
I found them on the "Gift the User above you a Plushie!" forum and they seemed trustworthy, so I asked them for help with trade evolutions.
They sold me my Pride Vivillon! I will be forever in your debt.
... They just seemed like a good person.
Added me and I added back
Furry friends
A good friend of mine IRL, Artemis is an important source of emotional support.
They helped me navigate the furry fandom and be comfortable in my own feathers.

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4