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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,595/3,709


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About me


Currently away on a hiatus.

I do check in weekly to read PM's, comments and other messages.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #358654186
Registration: 22/03/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 360:03 Hours
Total interactions: 521,223
Money: 2,431,500
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


New halloween adopt: Kraken

will also try to make an adopt specially for pd/ nuggets, feels like its been forever since I drew for ph orz. Im counting down to winter break already haha
1 Year ago
oh yea, ignore this if you already know.....Me and Val opened a lil art dump! if you like our arts, we love to see you there 0//u//0 <33<3
Art Dumps here>>>
1 Year ago
That feeling when you are dying to draw in times where you are super busy..... And when you have time to actually draw you don't feel like drawing again orz 😕
1 Year ago
I always feel a bit shy when receiving gifts, but I really want to thank the kind people who have been gifting me Neb stones. Thankyu~~💕🌹
1 Year ago
Wao, back 2 werk in a week.... Summer feels so short 😔
1 Year ago
finally done TuT , a picture w/ proper bg Im never drawing backgrounds again ...
1 Year ago
I'm so bored, Im making apps for rp groups that's opening in November... 😔
1 Year ago
1st shaymin egg wahahahaha XD
1 Year ago
[strike] yusss, that's right the secret to cuteness is..... Squishy n plump! Look at pusheen, a perfect example... [/strike]
1 Year ago
aaaaa finally finished Reona's app art TuT

Now I can switch gears to some PH stuff hehehehe....
1 Year ago
WIP of Reona in her battle clothing. Getting ready to apply for a certain rp group. I hope we make it in haha XD
1 Year ago
Wow!! It looks like Val has got some cool new things that moves in the shop! Let's go check it out! Val's shop>>>
1 Year ago
mmm finally finished her. Decided to name her Reona.

age: 24yr old
favourite flowers: telosma
favourite drinks: ice wine and tea
1 Year ago
new OC! hmm....possibly a mature and sexy older sister to a cute younger bro lol
1 Year ago
Pfft val, you need to advertise Ur own Adopt too! Open sheep Adopt!
1 Year ago
Happy birthday, PH!! So happy to be able to be here n celebrate with everyone. 💕

Will grit my teeth n participate like crazy the next 15 day lol 😬😬😬
1 Year ago
Renovating ze artshop. Hoping to opening soon to provide new and better experiences :D
1 Year ago
Wha?? A shiny at chain 35? 💕 Time to buy some lotteries 😍
1 Year ago
Huh!?!? How did my medicham turn male?? 👀😱 And I remember I specifically looked up an nice Persian female name for her after I got her X'D
1 Year ago
Ugh why won't some people leave me alone??? So sick and tired of receiving msg asking me to unblock ppl 😠😠😠😠😠
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

Airisu is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 28/06/2021

Chain: 142

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