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Formerly: Hollow-Masks
Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,245/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
17493,875 / 104,487
Momma Spyder
32126,346 / 362,559

Spyder’s Web

“I’m here to hang out, have fun, and do whatever!”

Heya! I’m Spyder!
Certified Spooky Month apologist
I’m a lil fire demon just tryna make it through life.
Birthday is 11/11 and I’m a Scorpio
I won’t give out my age publicly, but, if we talk enough, I’ll probably tell you it privately
If you would like to talk to me, PP and PMs are always open, but I may take a little while to respond, as I have other things to do, both on and off-site.
Read my whole profile before contacting me, thanks
I’m also kinda crap with pronouns so, if I misgender you, it’s totally unintentional and holds no malicious intent at all. (I mostly refer to everyone as they anyway)
I’m also a huge Nintendo fan. Been raised on Pokémon, Mario, and Kirby, so if ya want some trivia, or simply wanna talk about those things, I’m hear to listen.
My fandoms at the moment are Friday Night Funkin, Pokémon, Kirby, Undertale (kinda), FNAF, and Splatoon.
Favorite food is Sushi. Favorite drink is Coke.
Favorite animals are Spiders, Scorpions, Dogs, and Ferrets.
I love horror stuff.
I freaking love Lemon Demon
Art is 100% N O T for anyone’s use aside from my own. If you see someone using my art without explicitly stating i said they could, report it to me and/or a mod.
Art above it is my art and only for me to use.

The arachnid herself

Name: Spyder
Species: Fire Demon
Age: 203
Birthday: 11/11
Gender: Female
Quote that doesn’t quite change daily, but changes often: “Aight, kid, you better start runnin’ or imma start gunnin’”

The art of Spyder panel that used to be here has been moved to my art diary


Commission Status: CLOSED
Your name will stay in a slot until you pay
You have three days after you receive your art to pay
I will do 3 commissions MAX per person at any given time
You pay twice, half upfront, half upon receiving
You CANNOT use the art until you pay, if I find out you have used it without paying, I will report you and/or make you take the art down
The signatures STAY
Examples Here
(Base) Prices + extra info
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•Headshot: 2k
•Full body: 3k

•Headshot: 6k
•Full body: 8k

•Headshot: 10k
•Full body: 15k

Colored + simple shading
•Headshot: 18k
•Full body: 25k

Colored + Background
Single color background
•Headshot: 20k
•Full body: 25k

Multi-color background:
•Headshot: 22k
•Full body: 24k

Colored + simple shading + background
Single color background:
•Headshot: 25k
•Full body: 30k

Multi-color background:
•Headshot: 32k
•Full body: 36k

Complex background:
•Headshot: 40k
•Full body: 50k

What I can do
•Kirby characters
•Canon characters
•Basically most characters if I have a ref pic

What I can’t do
•Overly detailed Pokémon/characters

What I use to draw
•Digital (my iPad)

Styles I can draw in
•Chibi (humans/humanoids only)
•Semi-Anime (humans/humanoids only, humanoid Pokémon are an exception in this style)

EXTRA CHARACTERS MULTIPLY THE PRICE BY HOW MANY MORE CHARACTERS YOU WANT (EX. 3 characters, complex background, full body: 50k X 3=150k)

Find me here + Some rules

Email: [email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok (gonna get yelled at for this one): @bloodsunartz

YT: StaticSpyder

Roblox: SatireSCP

Switch Friend Code: SW-1259-5650-5319

Minecraft: StaticSpyder27

Rules of Contact
If you message me on here or elsewhere, don’t just message me ‘hi’ or something like that, just tell me what you want, I’ll be willing to talk then
If you message me elsewhere and your username is different there, tell me your username here so I know who I’m talking to
Don’t message me asking for Pokémon/Items unless I ask for it in a feed
Please, please, PLEASE do not give me random nicknames, it makes me extremely uncomfortable and unwilling to talk to you, call me Spyder, that’s already a nickname
Don’t ask for what I look like, especially pictures, I hate the way I look on camera and I’m not that great at describing things. This, too, makes me extremely uncomfortable.


All Blusheez made by ShadeKinoSoul from the Blusheez Vendor!


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Shiny Hunt

-Spyder is currently hunting Sewaddle.
Hunt started: 12/04/2021

Chain: 28

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 835:51 Hours
Total interactions: 117,164
Money: 824,765
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


New panel
Today, 09:42
Casual 3:25am conversation with a friend
honestly, I really wanna make a webcomic series out of the stupid, yet hilarious stuff my friend and I say to eachother
Today, 08:25
Me: *closes my eyes for, like, 6 minutes cuz I’m sleepy*
My brain: yo, it’s been 3 hours and you said you’d draw tonight, wake up
The feeds I read before closing my eyes that were posted 7-8 minutes ago: hmmmmmmmmmm, wanna rethink that?

Me:...legit, what’s the actual time, please, I’m so confused-
Today, 03:35
Spyder, what the heck are you doing in my mirror?
This was fun to make
Who knew that a just a mirror in my living room would result in a drawing?
I think I’ll make more drawings like this, I already have an idea for another one.
Yesterday, 15:38
Quick lil reminder that #CaterpillarQueen only ends when the Sewaddle box is completely FULL
It’s at 158/250, meaning we have 92 spots left to fill

If y’all need a quick refresher on how to enter:
Share the #
Send me any member of the Sewaddle line (optional, but preferred, 1 entry per Sewaddle, 3 entries per Swadloon, 5 entries per Leavanny)
Like the original post
Send me a Sewaddle or Swadloon plushie (1 entry per Sewaddle, 2 per Swadloon)
Yesterday, 13:45
Yesterday, 13:29
New poll!~
Yesterday, 02:09
I was today years old when I realized I can do an OwO voice and I hate myself now-
OwO, more like, O nO
1 Day ago
Days in a row I’ve woken up to thunder: 3
I wonder how many more there will be at this point-
2 Days ago
”Boy, it sure is pretty tonight, isn’t it?...I wish I could go outside...”
A lil thing I did for art class
Here’s the original sketch
The sketch was for a clay project that we’re doing to start off the sculpting unit
I was also making this pfp sized and suddenly remembering why I don’t draw pfps very often
2 Days ago
How do you respond to someone when you really really don’t feel like talking but their message requires an answer?
And they’ve already seen that I’ve you’ve read it
And you just don’t know how to respond
2 Days ago
#caterpillarqueen 19
You madlads did it
#CaterpillarQueen is on trending-
2 Days ago
Just threatened my dad with a banana
Life’s great
3 Days ago
You know Spyder’s tired and definitely not wanting to go to school when she spends the last 10 minutes trying to remember how to spell the word ‘purpose’
3 Days ago
Your mental age is
Wasn’t really expecting that one
But ok
3 Days ago



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