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Formerly: -Spyder
Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 1,699/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Altaria)
1,3881,249,317 / 3,470,278
Fairy Floss
692663,543 / 863,202
616622,947 / 1,349,865
15079,547 / 84,939

Spyder’s Web


Read my Rules of Contact before contacting me, thanks
Heya! I’m Spyder!
Certified Spooky Month apologist
I’m a lil fire demon just tryna make it through life.
Birthday is 11/11 and I’m a Scorpio
I won’t give out my age publicly, but, if we talk enough, I’ll probably tell you it privately
If you would like to talk to me, PP and PMs are always open, but I may take a little while to respond, as I have other things to do, both on and off-site.
I’m also kinda crap with pronouns so, if I misgender you, it’s totally unintentional and holds no malicious intent at all. (I mostly refer to everyone as they anyway)
I’m also a huge Nintendo fan. Been raised on Pokémon, Mario, and Kirby, so if ya want some trivia, or simply wanna talk about those things, I’m hear to listen.
My fandoms at the moment are Friday Night Funkin, Pokémon, Kirby, Undertale (kinda), FNAF, and Splatoon.
Favorite food is Sushi. Favorite drink is Coke.
Favorite animals are Spiders, Scorpions, Mantises, Dogs, and Ferrets.
I love horror stuff.
I freaking love Lemon Demon
Art is 100% N O T for anyone’s use aside from my own. If you see someone using my art without explicitly stating i said they could, report it to me and/or a mod.
Art above it is my art and only for me to use.

Rules of contact

Rules of Contact
If you message me on here or elsewhere, don’t just message me ‘hi’ or something like that, just tell me what you want, I’ll be willing to talk then
If you message me elsewhere and your username is different there, tell me your username here so I know who I’m talking to
Don’t message me asking for Pokémon/Items unless I ask for it in a feed
Don’t PM me, just use Palpad when talking to me. I find PMs to be scary honestly.
Please, please, PLEASE do not give me random nicknames, it makes me extremely uncomfortable and unwilling to talk to you, call me Spyder, that’s already a nickname
Don’t ask for what I look like, especially pictures, I hate the way I look on camera and I’m not that great at describing things. This, too, makes me extremely uncomfortable.
Friending you =/= You’re an actual friend (either I liked your profile and/or I wanna talk to you)

Find me here

Email: [email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok (gonna get yelled at for this one): @bloodsunartz

YT: StaticSpyder

Roblox: SatireSCP

Switch Friend Code: SW-1259-5650-5319

Minecraft: StaticSpyder27


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Umbregrl 7 Days ago
Umbregrl 7 Days ago
Tyler4 7 Days ago
-Loki- 8 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

Friendly_Hellspawn is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 17/07/2021

Chain: 52
0 0 0

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1247:29 Hours
Total interactions: 145,364
Money: 418,376
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Today, 02:35
I’m just-
My motivation is going to strange places rn
Like creating a new persona
And drawing a headshot of said persona
and I’m unreasonably proud of it

Here’s the sketch for anyone who’s curious

I swear this is the last thing that I wanted to finish before working on commissions again, I’ll begin working on the again later today
Yesterday, 23:29
I will pay someone to make a Mega Leavanny
I will give you all of my pd
Yesterday, 20:48
Yesterday, 17:20
(pkmn showdown)
Someone already has the username Spyder?
Someone already has the username Spyder?
How when where and why?
Yesterday, 02:38
I finally decided to actually play Pokemon Showdown today-
Yea, I may have lost every single battle due to forgetting the fairy-type weaknesses, but I'm still having fun-

also, I may throw out an adopt auction soon-
Yesterday, 02:33
By Daycare owner - 6 Minutes and 12 Seconds ago.
Hey, uhm... I hate to say, but... Your deposit is depleted. Could you please pay me a visit and give me some more Pokédollar so I can continue taking care of your Pokémon?


By Daycare owner - 1 Minute and 12 Seconds ago.
1 Hey, Friendly_Hellspawn! We recently found an egg in our daycare. We're sure that this egg belongs to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take it as soon as possible, or I'll release it to the wild!

Yo, wait a minute-
1 Day ago
1 Day ago
Mmmm, yes hot sauce-
The best drink

and that, kids, is why I'm dehydrated
2 Days ago
Just gonna yoink that-
On a scale of 1-10, how scary am I?
2 Days ago
The number 5
The bane of my existence in higher or lower
2 Days ago
Gallade supremacy
3 Days ago
Ok, listen, hear me out…
A Loki variant…
That’s a F e r r e t -
3 Days ago
-Loki-, Roly-Poly, and I are making a Ferret Loki mini series. Payment is up to 2500 nuggets and you’ll be added to a group chat. We need an art style similar to all the ones with the signature ‘Spyder’.
4 Days ago
“Just because I can and should…
Doesn’t mean I’m gonna”
-Spyder’s life motto
5 Days ago
Don’t mind me, just turning a joke into a lecture for, like, the 100th time haHA-
5 Days ago
There’s evil
Then there Xs on ads that send you to the App Store anyways
5 Days ago
I am now a proud bat mom
Their name is Soundwave

I love them very much and they’re now my snuggle buddy during this trip-
5 Days ago
*loopy arachnid giggling*
It’s currently almost 2am
I just got settled into my hotel
And I’ve made 5 custom designs on AC-
This is what happens when I wanna draw in the car but the ride’s too bumpy for me to make a straight line-
5 Days ago



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