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Trainerpoints: 4,910/11,223


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Long live Kyle
(Pichu (Spiky-eared))
24181,020 / 174,967

I finally lost it, I gave up my initial goals in order to attempt to restore this site. Don't forget me.

Tribute to Yamper, my best friend.


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Trainer ID: #514856139
Registration: 26/08/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1123:17 Hours
Total interactions: 14,794,153
Money: 1,214,098
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


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And inactive for 9 months of it but heh,

it’s been a ride that’s for sure
29 Days ago
Feed & guest this mon? <3 for return!

Silences’ first questmon, need to destroy Oak haha.
1 Month ago
Buying sky gifts, 15k each. If there’s a retro egg i’ll send an additional 15k. :)

When sending just put “send” on your gift and i’ll get to it when i can. <3

yeah yeah beat this one my fellow sky gift rivals
1 Month ago
I threw a starburst at one of my friends in the middle of physical science because we were playing around and the teacher legit stood there for 25 minutes waiting for someone to speak up admitting who did it and i wouldn’t say a single word and even argued with reasoning saying it wasn’t me but ofcourse the girls had to snitch and he wrote me a half page essay that i had to repeat 100 times and i’m pretty sure my hand contracted cancer after that. i just finished.

anyways that was lame should i try out for soccer this november
1 Month ago
As if things could not get worse.

So my gf messaged me saying someone random in my city added her on fb, and i was like that’s so weird see who they are. She had posts about seeking out her kids who she lost a long time ago, well i thought that’s funny because hey i lost my parents a long time ago!

the woman is my biological mother who has been trying to get in contact with me for 10 years, i’m not adopted, i’m stolen. what the actual f..

i just reinstalled fb and she found me today, she messaged me trying to get my attention and i’m only seeing it just now five hours later.

.. what do i do
1 Month ago
Go look at my panel about a newbie if you could?

And also:
#GettingMarriedIn8Days congrats dude ^^
1 Month ago
I have never seen such godly drama blog posts.

(If you check, scroll down to the first “1/3, 2/3, 3/3” statement).

To the anons saying “write it again using evidence and screenshots” I will.
1 Month ago
Feed got taken down, one on one request to sort things out was obviously denied. Yk what that means.

I do admit i broke rules when shaming him, using bad language, and etc. I committed to this before writing the post and accepted that i would be punished in the long run before making the decision.

I respect the mods choice of deleting the feed and i hope we can come to terms and discuss a few things i believe would help with the site, mr duck. I respect all of you in the end and i gave it my best shot, though i do wish we could have settled things kinder.

So much for becoming a mod yeah? haha..
1 Month ago
Got my 10th grade class schedule today, cant wait for school to start back up :)

Till next time.
1 Month ago
It’s my birthday :0
2 Months ago
This.. this is where my journey comes to a halt. I’ve had a lot of fun on this site and I’ve earned the respect of many here, but for me my irl life is miserable, and this summer I’m going to change that, by working on my body physically and mentally.

Highschool is super rough on me lately as well, and I feel as though I need a break from here and fully begin studying as I would like a masters in coding some day. I will come back. <3

I might even come back after summer! But if I don’t the next time I will see you all will be three years from now, so I will try my best to hurry back.

Think of it as Naruto’s journey with Jiraiya, I’m off to training and I will return with a much stronger personality and will finish my goal to moderator, I promise to make this site better for all of you with my next return as I have promised before.

Farewell old friends! Till we meet again, I love all of you. Dattebayo!
4 Months ago
When all your friends go offline so you play geometry dash silently 😔
4 Months ago
where are youuu my slightly greener mega-able Scytherrr :sob:
4 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Scyther hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #1035)!

Dude I thought it was sm for a split second and it wasn’t.

Much the pain
4 Months ago

I’ll miss you! I met you nearly the first day you joined I believe, you were fun to talk to. I hope you visit from time to time ^^
4 Months ago
SM chain has reached 1000! Told you guys I would follow up with this! xD

Now where is that SM at.. *shakes fist in the air*
4 Months ago
Man I am beat. Had to help out with the lifting and whatnot for my nephews 6th nerf birthday party and ended up joining in on the fun myself later in the day. (Story time coming up)

It was me vs about 15 five year olds, and bro was it a battle. Lasted about four hours and I had eventually been unable to get to any more bullets because they kept dragging me down. They saw that as an opportunity and tackled me from every which way. Had like three or four of them on me and I eventually went down 😂
Rest of them just shot me over and over cuz I was too tired to get up 💀

I went down in glory.
4 Months ago
Level 60! :0
Progress people progress xP
4 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Scyther hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #954)!
Congratulations! A shiny Scyther hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #952)!

Ahhh almost had twins there :0 Shiny mega where are you..
4 Months ago
Now I know I have to use berrygarden in order to get the last nappy I need xd
5 Months ago

Before I quit,

I've come across one last newbie, who I am gonna teach about the game, give him my insights and show around before I leave. Maybe this one will become as good as I wanted to. ^^

I'd like you to meet silence! He's quite friendly from my perspective of him and I am sure you'll love him. He seems to be catching on quickly, and already has a few goals, if you could be so kind as to help him out. <3

Add him, become friends with him, if you want to of course. ^^

Once a hero.

Tribute to Maniac, the one person who helped me. The best mentor.