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The Roaming Pokémon


This Event ends on September 10th, 2023, 11:59PM

Shaymin and its friends

It's finally Summer Time! The summer holidays began for all trainer students of Emera Town and everyone is excited for the beach parties and festivals at the Emera Square. And there is one Pokémon that especially enjoys the sun and all the flowers of summer:
The legendary Pokémon, Shaymin, visits Emera Town once more and wants to make kind-hearted trainers some very special gifts. Shaymin likes seeing trainers interacting with as much Pokémon as possible. So take your berries, warm up your hands and get started!

Meeting Shaymin

In order to meet Shaymin, you have to interact with Pokémon and Eggs - a lot!
There is no set interaction requirement - it appears randomly. Perhaps after only 5,000 interactions - or, if you're a bit less lucky, maybe after 25,000 interactions.
When Shaymin is ready to meet you, a small icon pops up in your Userbar: You can't miss it! Shaymin stays there until you claim its gift.
Note: It is not possible to have multiple Shaymin in your Userbar at the same time. You have to accept Shaymin's gift in order to meet it again.
Trainer Tip: Feeding berries (instead of "training" a Pokémon) gives a 30% higher chance of encountering Shaymin!

Shaymin's Gift

Shaymin gives you the choice between different gifts:
A legendary Shaymin Egg, a Gracidea Flower (Forme-change item for Shaymin), a Shaymin Plushie (with a 20% chance of being shiny) and a Shaysola Egg! The decision is up to you!

Increasing Shaymin's Shiny Chance

You can actively increase the odds of receiving a Shiny Shaymin Egg by first accepting Shaymin Plushies as the gift you receive. Every time you claim the plushie gift, the shiny chance for the next Shaymin Egg you'll claim increases. Your current shiny chance is always displayed below the Shaymin Egg option on the event page. As soon as you claim a Shaymin Egg, however, the chance resets back to normal and you will have to "shiny chain" the plushies again. So it might be advisable to stay patient until the odds are high enough! And if you are superduper patient and want to reach a 100% shiny chance, then there's good news: The shiny odds are carried over to the next year, so you can continue to raise it year by year - however long it will take you.

Accepting any other gift than the Plushie or a Shaymin Egg has no effects on this. This neither increases nor resets the shiny chance.
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