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How to Get Hisuian Decidueye

Forum-Index Help How to Get Hisuian Decidueye
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Posted: Tue, 09/07/2024 20:07 (14 Days ago)
I was wondering if there was any way to get the item to evolve a Hisuian Decidueye? I saw it was an event 2 years ago but the wiki didn’t give much explanation.
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Posted: Wed, 10/07/2024 20:12 (13 Days ago)
You can use the Azure Flute item to switch pokémon into their Hisuian Forms, though there are some exceptions to this, as is outlined on this wiki page. (It looks like the event release of the Hisuian starters was handled like the current Vivillion event, where it was an already hatched and evolved pokémon)

This post on the Celestica Flute can help you figure out how to get the Azure Flute, if you need help with that :3

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Posted: Thu, 11/07/2024 13:10 (12 Days ago)
You can buy some from the item market in GTS
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