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Game of Wits Fanfiction

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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 23:23 (1 Month ago)
Hii~! I occasionally have the energy to write fanfiction of this roleplay (specifically the first game of it) and this is where I'm storing it!
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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 23:29 (1 Month ago)

Title: Phoenix

I wrote this in 40 minutes during a practice for a creative writing competition I'm in, and this is completely unedited (except for a few small spelling or grammar issues that needed correction for my sanity), so I can't guarantee much about it. Word Count: 241

Hello there, my name — well, it’s long, but you can just call me Maji. That’s who I am normally, but I’m much more recognizable by the moniker “The Phoenix”. Yup, world-famous magician The Phoenix, the very one.

“Mr. Phoenix,” you ask. “How did you become a magician?” I imagine your eyes twinkling with wonder, or maybe you’re too old for that. Well kid, I got caught up in a little something called a pyramid scheme.

Not the answer you were hoping for? Too bad, things don’t always go ‘well’. Losing my parents to a mugger wasn’t what I wanted. Losing my sister to starvation wasn’t ideal either. Of course, that’s Maji’s life. The Phoenix, however, is a confident perfectionist and master of deception.

He walks onto the stage in a phoenix masque and he dazzles the crowd. They never see his face. They never see his light grey eyes, or the tears glossing them. They see his red suit, and his wand, and the hand he uses to control their attention. Then, poof! — Suddenly, a frog emerges from his cape. Almost like it was in a hidden pocket, where he retrieved it from while they were looking at the egg.

A classic, I dare say. People are simple, predictable, divertible. A little psychology here, a little gunpowder there, and boom! Magic! Well, that or a fire. Gunpowder is unpredictable, like a man in a custom-design masque. A masque of a phoenix.
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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 00:48 (1 Month ago)

Title: Chapter 4: Alternate Ending

I wrote this in two seperate time chunks, so there might be a weird random tone split. No clue how good it is, but enjoy. Word Count: 1749

10 people stood near podiums in a circle, spaced randomly by podiums that were empty, save for marked up pictures. 9 of them looked at the 10th. The looks on their faces ranged from amusement to betrayal to pure rage, but most were simply expectant. Finally, the voice spoke up.

"I did it. I killed Keiki Meyumi. I stabbed them to death and stuffed them in the ceiling of the Nurse’s Office, where their body eventually fell down in front of Niwa and Suzume." Buraddo looked around at the others, gauging their reactions. "I’ve had suspicions on who the mastermind is since the start, and by the second trial, I had it narrowed down to two suspects. Kowai Kurai and Keiki Meyumi."

"Once Kowai was revealed as the killer of Amano and Femi, there was only one suspect left. I killed them later that night. I got to their room through the passages in the walls, and using a switchblade I stole from Megami’s room, I stabbed them to death before they could put up much of a fight. I dragged their body back to the cafeteria and stuffed it up in the ceiling, and returned to my dorm quickly after." Buraddo finished their speech with a deep breath, watching as the various faces contorted into expressions ranging from pity to outrage. One person, who was on the latter end, began to speak.

"You idiot... YOU IDIOT!" they shrieked, punching Buraddo in the face. "You killed them... and for what? For what? I thought you might've done it. You disgust me. You killed someone for BEING SUSPICIOUS?"

Buraddo, after recovering from the blow, walked back to their podium. They, along with the others, locked in their votes. "Well, I think we all know where this is going." They began walking to the center of the room.

"Puhuhuhu~ the votes are in. Who will be chosen as the blackened? Have you made the right choice or the dreeeadfully wroooooong one?"

The slot spun over and over and landed on three icons of Buraddo's face. "CORRECT! THE BLACKENED HIDING AMONG YOU WAS NONE OTHER THAN BURADDO JEMU!"

The Blackened turned to the bear. "We get it, just get this over wi-"

The claw snatched her before she could even finish her sentence. She was yanked up into the ceiling.

The door to the Execution Room creaked open, and all of the characters rushed to see Buraddo Jemu's demise. It would not be a pretty one.

The claw dropped Buraddo on an enormous bookcase. She stumbled a bit, finding her footing. Then she looked about her.

The book that the enormous Monokuma brought down would've taken her out, if she hadn't ducked.

Buraddo ran across an enormous book shelf, knocking aside all kinds of books. A sound came from above- he looked up, and narrowly dodged an enormous book bigger than him. They could see his mouth open in a scream as it crushed his leg- but no sound.

The Monokuma brought up its book, preparing to hit her.

In a leap of faith, Buraddo jumped to the enormous desk, and landed face down on it. She lay there, stunned for a moment. Then she lifted her head, looking up-

Just in time to realize that she had landed on an open book.

The giant Monokuma closed the cover on her terrified face.

And brought down his mallet.

Blood sprayed everywhere.

And the screen faded to black.

Hisoka looked away. His face was set, grim. Megami, half-unconscious, clung to Suzume. Suko didn't look away. But something about their face was emptier than before.

Finally, Niwa stared on with an almost psychopathic relish. This person… this monster… killed Keiki. Their Keiki. Now, that bear was making them pay, and Niwa couldn’t be more thrilled except to have killed Buraddo themself.

They turned and looked at the others, and were surprised to see the others huddling, looking away, or just plain upset. Their relish quickly turned to a thinly masked rage.

After a couple of seconds, Maji surprised everyone by being the first to stand up. He walked over to Hisoka, who slipped his hand into Maji’s. Barely audible, Maji mumbled something to the Yamanaku. "Let’s go."

To Niwa’s surprise, the two made a detour for Hisoka to walk up to the poet. "Don’t be too harsh on Buraddo. They did a horrible thing, but from their perspective, it was for a good reason." Niwa nodded, gritting their teeth behind closed lips. Hisoka’s attempts at empathy were pathetic and needless.

Hisoka and Maji walked away, Hisoka saying something about needing to eat. Of course the first thing he thinks about is himself and his own hunger. Not of the 9 people dead, or the other 7 who weren’t him or his boyfriend, and who were each suffering in their own ways. Not even of his boyfriend, whose facade was fading and revealing the broken orphan within.

Of course, the others seemed to have been sorry for Buraddo as well. They truly were irredeemable. Niwa should’ve expected nothing less, coming from a bunch of liars and killers.

The group split and went their separate ways. Some, like Suzume and Megami, made their way to the dorms. Others, like Hisoka and Maji, went to the cafeteria. Niwa, however, limped his way down halls and halls, ones that the others didn’t even know existed, until he found the room he was looking for…

Suzume and Megami sat in silence. Considering the circumstances, it was about as comfortable of a silence as it could get. Neither of them dared to speak, but they both knew what the other was thinking; ‘What if that was her?’

Megami stared into her girlfriend’s eyes, the part of her mind that wasn’t freaking out was thinking thoughts that belonged only to sappy love songs.

Suzume, too, was overcome with thoughts about her girlfriend. Worries about what would happen if she died, hopes that they could escape together, and everything else she could imagine.

The others were in the cafeteria, discussing the food shortage.

“I saw Majikaekae and Hisoka-meanie eating earlier!” A loud, annoying, but strained voice called out. “Majikaekae had a sandwich, it looked super duper yummy, and Hisoka-meanie had some canned fruit! I bet they’ve taken all of the food and hidden it somewhere!”

“If we hid all of the food,” an exasperated Maji started. “we wouldn’t be the ones to draw attention to the issue.”

“That’s just what they want you to think!” Suko, disagreeable as ever, pointed to Maji while looking at the others. They looked as if they were about to continue, until they broke out into a coughing fit. With them gone, sitting down at a nearby table with a glass of what Maji hoped was water, the others decided to call it a night.

"Puhuhuhuhuu~ But little do the Ultimates know that this night is not as peaceful as they suspected. For far off on the other side of the school, something has happened- Bzzt- Oh boy, glitches. This hasn't happened much! I guess I'll need a reprogramming from the mastermind! Puhuhuhu!

...This sucks. How can I be menacing if I'm glitching out? Hold on, technical difficulties, we'll get to you tomorrow."

Each surviving Ultimate awoke in the dark in their own bed. Not their own bed as in the one they’d fallen asleep in, their own bed as in their own specially marked bed, complete with nameplates, pictures, and clasps that held them in place.

Hisoka, ever the early riser, was the first up. Suzume was next, and before long, they were all awake. All alone. Once they were all up, the lights in their individual rooms⁠—no, cubbies, flickered on. Each room contained a monitor, a small speaker, and a bed. Monokuma’s face appeared on each screen at once.

“Puhuhuhu~ good morning, little cubs!” The bear let out a laugh like nails on a chalkboard. “I hope you enjoyed your sleep! Don’t worry if you didn’t, you’ll be sleeping for much longer real soon! Puhuhuhuhuhu!”

Suddenly, the monitor flickered, showing a different face for each student.

Hisoka saw a little girl, who would’ve been closer to his age now if she hadn’t died so young.

Maji saw a man in his mid-30’s, with flaring red hair and a locket around his neck, containing the image of a young woman in her late 20’s with more orangish hair and a matching locket.

The face Chuku saw was unknown.

Suzume saw a high school student, not much younger (in the picture) than she.

Megami saw a middle school student, tall and conventionally attractive with a squared jaw and blond, combed hair. He likely would’ve aged well, if he’d survived.

Koda saw a girl. Her sister.

The face Suko saw is unknown.

The face Nakata saw is unknown.

Kowai, too, saw a face. A happy mother, who loved one of her children.

After a few minutes of silence, as every student stared up at the monitor, the bear appeared once more. For once, they felt relieved to see him.

Until he opened his mouth, that is.

“Now that you’ve been seasoned, how about some time for you to bake! Puhuhu~!” He let out another grating laugh.

Each student felt their beds heat up. At first it was warm and comfortable, but it grew harsher and harsher, almost like how they believed Kowai to have died. Then, it began to cool down once more. The pain of the heat stopped, but the sudden harsh cold felt worse.

Another face appeared on the monitor. This one, however, was the same for everyone.

The purple hair was unmistakable, a shade shared only by two students, one of whom was supposed to be dead.

The face was that of Niwa. Ultimate Swordsman-revealed-Poet. Or, as the students realised one by one, the true mastermind.

“You all…” His face seemed unable to form words. “You hypocrites. You don’t care for anyone but yourselves.” He let out a manic laugh, that of a person with nothing left to lose but their life. “I can’t believe I ever planned to let you go.”

9 people died that day, and Niwa walked out alone. He was a hero. He had purged the world of 16 evils since entering the walls of the school. 16 disgusting, vain hypocrites. He had fulfilled his duty, and avenged his family. He felt drunk with euphoria. Euphoric, and proud, but empty.

He built and payed his respects to a grave.

Keiki Meyumi
Ultimate Short Story Author
??? - 2022

The math here might seem weird (especially if you haven't experienced the roleplay) so allow me to clarify. There were 10 characters at the start of the roleplay. Niwa, Buraddo, and 8 others. Buraddo was executed, bringing the character count down to 9. Kowai was actually alive but in hiding, meaning there were 10 characters including Niwa. Niwa killed the other 9, leaving him the last alive. He said he had purged the world of 16 evils because there were 18 Ultimates in total, but he believed he and Keiki to be heroes.