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SOLVED - Sweet Hearts & Plushies

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved SOLVED - Sweet Hearts & Plushies
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Posted: Fri, 03/02/2023 15:17 (1 Month ago)
Is there a delay for receiving Sweet Hearts after sending plushies? The first one I sent awhile ago I noticed got points right away. I sent a few others without paying attention to my SH amount. I just sent three and received no points at all. I've been refreshing to see if there's a delay, but I still haven't received any points. I sent ones worth 40 DP, 25, 15.

Edit: I see the amount of SHs that sent when I send plushies now that I must not have seen it before. Not sure why it didn't reflect the SH amount I saw on the event page because I was closely tracking my amount of SHs