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greetings from noivern !

Forum-Index Introduce yourself greetings from noivern !
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Posted: Mon, 23/01/2023 19:16 (2 Months ago)
hello ! my name is paranoivern , but you can call me noivern or leo ! i've been a pokémon fan for over a decade , and i'm excited to join a new pokémon community ! i look forward to making friends and catching 'em all !
my favorite pokémon is totodile , my favorite type is electric , and my favorite region is kalos ! i'm a casual player with a slight interest in both shiny hunting and competitive play , but i've never seriously tried either . feel free to talk to me about all things pokémon !
noivern | he/they/rawr
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Posted: Mon, 23/01/2023 19:56 (2 Months ago)

Title: Hia!

Welcome in! I'm super new lol but trying my best! If you wanna battle I'm super down!!
~Chell (They/Them)~

Mesa Arizona Photographer
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Posted: Tue, 31/01/2023 03:04 (2 Months ago)
Welcome to Pokeheroes! I love your username.

Also Totodile is top-tier, the Feraligatr line are my favorite starters :D