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First shiny

Forum-Index Discussion First shiny
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Posted: Sun, 15/01/2023 16:16 (4 Months ago)
What level did you all get your first shiny, because I got mine at 11 and I want to know if I'm crazy lucky or if that's normal.
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Posted: Thu, 19/01/2023 16:36 (4 Months ago)
Soo.. My first ever shiny?

I got my first ever shiny from the madsuda method, It was a shiny wobbuffet and i was literally so desperate to get a shiny, I got it at the 9th egg and i was amazed, Gotta say i love shiny wobbuffet a lot.

But my first ever full odds shiny encounter was a fletchling on Pokemon Sun, I was trying to find a nihilego when this Shiny fletchling popped up and i was surprised, I genuiely did not expect a shiny to appear

And those were like the first ever shinies i got, Then i got Legends Arceus and Pokemon Violet and yeah, Found a whole lot shinies but those two are the most special to me
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Posted: Tue, 24/01/2023 19:56 (4 Months ago)
I have never gotten a shiny, big sad.
This is seismitoad! He is not very strong, and he has to beat a level 1000 on his own! Please help me train him!

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Posted: Tue, 24/01/2023 19:56 (4 Months ago)
Hi howdy, I'm Aquatic.
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Train my only good Pokemon please, thank you.

also this guy for groudon
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Posted: Wed, 25/01/2023 16:56 (4 Months ago)
Bidoof in Legends: Arceus
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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 12:39 (4 Months ago)
Hoothoot (Retro) at lvl 10-11
-I actually don't remember the level xD-

Plz Interact with those guys

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 18:28 (4 Months ago)
I got it at level 9. It was a shiny Buneary

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