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Team Losers (Chapter 1?) (15+)

Forum-Index Fanmades Fanfictions Team Losers (Chapter 1?) (15+)
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Posted: Fri, 23/12/2022 21:44 (2 Months ago)
“We’re team losers. A trio of friends who met years ago, and avoided capture and punishment for like.. a couple years I think? We’ve stolen stuff.. done stuff others generally don’t like.. the law doesn’t like us either, but we’re not much of a problem right? Yeah.. no. Brightscale and her team, oh and yeah, Brightscale, head police of the place, she.. got a little tired of us and didn’t like the idea of misfit friends avoiding capture for so long anymore.” Haley monologued to herself, just for the fun of it. Tho, in a way, it did reflect something about team losers actual state and how they’ve avoided capture for so long. And how Brightscale, from their encounters with her, showed to get less and less patient with them. But still, wasn’t like they were gonna get hunted down after one action today right?

“Hey Haley! I got you a gift!” Valen said out, before walking to Haley, who was on her bed, she didn’t just wake up, just resting. Handing her the gift, it seemed to be.. a stone? A weird looking stone, it had similar colors to her.
“Wha- oh- wait- this is a mega stone right?”
“I found it when I took a stroll with Rusty to the nearby cave. It was like, in a box I think? Like in a religious place like way. Cause the box had a circle of flowers around it.”
“So they worshipped a literal rock?”
“Maybe..? Either way, please enjoy the gift. It’s just cool.” Valen said before waving a paw and leaving Haley. The beedrill looking at the mega stone necklace. Curious of what this funky looking rock is.

Meanwhile discussion of outlaws, and mystery teams with questionable reputations was happening in the police base.
“Do you remember that group of rascals in the forest?” Flares asked.
“Which group?” Brightscale asked back.
“The one with the bee with the weird name and bell, the eevee, the lucario.”
“Oh them, If I’m being honest, they’re getting.. more annoying. They’re getting more and more on my patience. They’re still tolerable enough tho.”

Back to the losers’ base, specifically outside their base,
A dragonair slithered gently across the ground, considering she had an explorer bag on her, she must be exploring actually. She had collected some valuables. A couple gems, some poké, and a nomel berry.
Hearing the ever so light noise while walking down the hall of the mansion, with his good hearing, Rusty goes outside to see the dragonair, who had prepared herself to enter the mansion the losers lived in.
“Uhhh, guys..? Do you see that girl out there?” Rusty asked to the both of Haley and Valen. Valen who was about to go upstairs of the mansion.
“Who?” “Her.” Rusty pointed at the dragonair outside.
By now, she’s already entered the mansion, Haley had actually kinda fallen asleep, with only the boys left to deal with the intruder.

Swallowed shampoo, probably gonna die, smelled like fruit, that was a lie

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Trainerlevel: 18

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Posted: Sat, 24/12/2022 11:29 (2 Months ago)
Opening her eyes, she actually did see the dragonair in the windows, quickly hiding into somewhere, Haley watched the intruding dragonair while Valen and Rusty hid along their own places. Watching, however, Valen saw something else. Something.. a bag. The dragonair had a bag. And it was full of stuff.
“Haley, that dragonair that a bag. With loot in it.” Valen whispered to Haley, who he hid with.
The team was used to attacking and robbing others, hence why they have their reputation as outlaws. However, they didn’t just wound or faint their victims, they’d straight up kill them. Since for all they know the victim could get help from a kindly stranger and tell their story to the police. Attracting more attention them as their reputation grew lower and lower then it already is.
“Do we attack?” Valen asked.
“Go for it. It’s probably worth it.” Haley said, before quickly breaking out of the hiding spot, and quickly lunging to the trespassing adventurer.

Beedrill used poison jab!
Dragonair was poisoned!

Valen soon came out of his spot too, and so did Rusty, only Rusty came in strangely reluctantly in a way.
Eevee used bite!
Lucario used metal claw!

Bloody wounds covered the poor dragonair, sting wounds and poisoning from Haley, bite wounds and bruising from Valen, and lacerating claw marks and being restrained by Rusty. This all out attack proved too much as only a few more attacks finally took down the dragonair.
“Is she actually dead?..” Rusty asked, poking at the body while Valen was searching the bag for its contents.
“Hold on, let me make sure she’s dead.” Haley jabbed at the dragonair’s neck, a hole stabbed into its neck now.
“Definitely dead. Let’s uhh… hide the body now.” Haley picked up the snake-like body of the dragonair up with whatever she can make of her stingers. Managing to carry it enough to take it outside.

“Uhh Rusty-“
“What Valen?”
“I think there’s more then just gems, money and a berry in this bag.” Valen took out a couple odd stones out of the bag, what looked to be a water stone, a fire stone, and everstone.

The doors open, Haley comes back in, having disposed of the body rather than hide it.
“Alright I didn’t actually hide it, I threw it into the river, I hope whatever fish are in there are happy now.” After saying that, her attention quickly turned to their discovery of the bag’s further contents. Joining them in the digging.
Swallowed shampoo, probably gonna die, smelled like fruit, that was a lie

“No context, now leave.”