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The No Nose Man

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Posted: Wed, 21/12/2022 02:09 (2 Months ago)
I came home from school that day. The house standing there implanted into the ground sitting there for 30 years or so. Now this is not a quite cute romance novel. This is about something else. More sinister than an adventure story. This is about death...
I entered the house around 3'oclock in the afternoon. I did not have any home work. And if I did my mom and Dad they would be at work for the rest of the day. So since, I was a high schooler, they trusted me to do my homework. Which was true, I was responsible. I cleaned my room, I did the dishes, and took out the trash. I was a straight A student. Anyways, I went into the living room and sat down on the old burnt coffee color and grabbed the Tv's remote. So, I turned on the Tv and started to channel surf. Which I had a bad habit of doing. Something, on one of the channels was this movie I never had seen named 'The No Nose Man' which seemed like a good movie. So, I turned it on. Which was the greatest mistake in my entire life ever. The Movie started up. It began with a man standing there in tattered up clothes. I could only see the back of him. He had gray pale like skin. Which was weird. Then I noticed some smoke coming from something. That is when the camera moved. When it did, I almost threw up, the man was standing there eating something. Blood was gushing out of a car onto the road. That is when the man turned, blood was ran his tattered skin and his shirt. He did not have a nose. That must have been the No Nose Man. "Say goodbye to your father." He said in a cold raspy voice grabbing someone lying slumped up one the steering wheel. The face was of my father's face. I yelled.
The screen went black. I was scared, but there was an explanation. Right. RING! My phone rang. I answered It was my mom. “Yea. What is wrong mom?” I asked worried. “It's dad. Something happened to him. He was found on the road.” “Without a nose?” I asked. “Yes. How did you know.” She asked. I yelled and hung up. I had to get mom before it was too late. I opened the door and ran to my mom's work. Which was not too far from our house. I was happy about that. But I was too late. I arrived at her work. Her Skyscraper like building entrance covered by police officers. “Mom!” I yelled. “Kid stay back. We do not need we to see the scene. It is Gruesome.” I knew it was my mom. “Hey kid. Your mom’s nose was Good. Your next enjoy your last few hours.” Something said in my ear. It turned around and saw him. The No Nose Man. I screamed and ran home. But I was still not safe.
When I got home and opened the door, I slammed it shut. I locked it. I ran in to my room slamming it behind me and locking it. I knew I was next. Suddenly I heard the front door open. It was him. I was good as dead. “Come out.” He spoke. My door was kicked open. He grew 3 or 4 feet. He looked like 6ft and then now he was like 11ft. His head was crooked against the ceiling. “Times up.” He spoke once again, even more menacing. I stood there frozen in fear. His hands were huge. His fingernails were crooked like vampires' teeth. They reached out and grabbed me. His other hand slowly came up towards my face. He let his pointer finger touch my face. His fingernail felt like a razor blade. I screamed in terror. My nose was Being tore off my face. Blood was everywhere I was Screwed. That is when I passed out.
I awoke in a hospital bed. Blood soaked the blanket that was over me. I glanced around my surroundings to see my mother and father. Both had blood on their blankets. Someone walked into the room. It was him this time he was back to being 6ft. “Surgery is now done. Thank you.”
At this point I thought it was a dream. But it was reality. I slowly reached towards my face and touched my nose. It was gone. And I knew it was not a dream to me. My nose was indeed now missing.
And for years weird things started happening to me. One day I got a feeling of eating nose. The next I wanted to kill people. The last day I woke to My skin being pale gray like his. I had become The No Nose Man....

Name: Treecko