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A Cruel Colosseum

Forum-Index Roleplay Pokémon RP A Cruel Colosseum
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Posted: Fri, 02/12/2022 16:25 (3 Months ago)
Your minding your business, whether you be training, picking berries, anything you do really. Yet you feel something, ever so slightly into your neck, you suddenly feel extremely tired. Not even abilities that prevent sleep could stop this, well, at least just slightly give you enough time to see what just happend maybe. But still, you black out from something. A tranquilizer?

You awake in a dungeon, with only three torches lighting up the dimly lit room. The cold floor you were put on. Bars keep you in, the bars have some form of spell you see, as something flows in them. Shifting them, an illusion maybe? Hitting them doesn’t seem to work, neither does teleportation as you seem to just hit a magic wall of some kind. You can hear the sounds of other pokemon in other cells, I wonder what you’ll do? As the guards watch your cells.

1. An attack does not need any permissions, what does need permissions, is killing someone.
2. Godmodding, Mary Sues who can kill everything in one hit or infinitely block and dodge, all the usually banned character types, aren’t allowed.
3. Your weapons have been stripped from you, you can only use your moves.
4. Legendaries aren’t allowed. For the most.
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