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Forum-Index Roleplay Pokémon RP The Inner Flame (RP) WORK IN PROGRESS
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Posted: Thu, 29/09/2022 23:59 (5 Months ago)
No spamming
No violent behavior
Please go along with the story
You can use any pokemon oc you want
Be nice to everyone
This is one of my first rps, please don't be mean

On with the beginning plot...

You wake up in the dark cave. The sound of dripping water can be faintly heard as you wearily wipe your eyes. You look around disappointed at how dark it was around you. You see a large shiny luxray watching you from afar before realizing it's just Blaze. "Up already?" He asked in a low gruff voice. You nod and slouch down against the cave wall. "I know it must be hard," he said sighing. "Young ones like you probably should more time outside... but it's for our own safety." You look up at him again confused. Blaze sighed realizing he said too much. "It's time I told you about something. The reason we're hiding is that something is after you." He paused at the words gripping his tail around his paws. "Some sort of monster that isn't any kind of pokemon anyone's ever seen. We don't know why it wants you, but it won't stop-...until it gets to you." You look at him with an unreadable face before turning around to gather your thoughts.
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Posted: Sun, 02/10/2022 22:21 (5 Months ago)
MuffinMadness? Did you make a sign up for the rp? I think in order to play, you must have a sign ups first.
I love drawing art! (I have 0 idea on what else to write here)