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Help GreenOwlStudios get a Shiny Raylong!

Forum-Index Global Trade Station Item Trades Help GreenOwlStudios get a Shiny Raylong!
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Posted: Sun, 01/05/2022 23:18 (2 Months ago)

Raylong Hunt

Okay, I know I'm hunting Stakataka, Dracozolt, and SM hunting Sableye soon, but this seems like an amazing side quest! So uh... yeah! I'm hunting Raylong! Preparations will be on my profile! The more gems you donate/sell to me, the higher your chance for a non-shiny Raylong!

Top donators:
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1. SassyLadybug (4 dragon, 15 flying)
2. Hunterz~Wolf (0 dragon, 30 flying)
3. Catharsis (0 dragon, 10 flying)

Train the Rowletking :D