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missingNo brainrot I guess

Forum-Index General Discussion missingNo brainrot I guess
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Posted: Thu, 07/04/2022 17:11 (2 Years ago)
So this is really just missingNo brainrot that I've had for ages now

I have a theory, that MissingNo was supposed to be a fourth Legendary bird, But it got dropped, BUT they didnt completely delete its code, I assume it was supposed to be a 4th bird, because sometimes, if you catch it, it may have moves like water gun, or gust 2 times in one battle, whereas a pokemon can only have of the same move learned, but it also was, if you look at its official page on Bulbapedia, its types are... "Bird?" and normal?
bt when you encounter it, when most pokemon have little cries? It can use Zapdos's or Articuno's. There are variations on the Bulbapedia, it has 5 different forms, the one most known, the glitch thing, then the ghost on the cover of Creepy Black, which makes me think, that it WAS intentional, then the skeletal Kaubutops, and Aerodactl, then a "glitched mew" yellow/red glitch series, It is catagorized as a "??? pokemon"
Ho-Oh yes, is seen in 1st gen, but it only gets encountered in second gen games. Further explaining the possibility of missingNo being a failed Ho-Oh attempt that never quite got fully removed from the code.
Arcanine was originally gonna be a legend but that got scrapped, and the houndoom line was gonna be in gen 1, but the fact that the dark type didnt exist then reinforces the theory of a scrapped beast type. It's possible this failed Arkanine could have also been the glitched code
Nintendo's official statement on MissingNo confirms that the glitch was not intentional and seeks to discourage players from exploiting it: "MissingNo is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game.” this may also be fully true, ot a blatant lie. Its possible the bird type was going to be the first flying type and was only given to the three legendary birds, while normal flying type was given to the non legends Which explains the fact that missingNo is the only "pokemon" in known history to have the bird type

This is open for dissuasion if y'all want to have some input on this :)
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