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Moonbell Pokeshoppe

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Posted: Tue, 08/03/2022 23:55 (5 Months ago)
Howdy, Hey, and Hello all!! Welcome to Moonbell 2.0!

This my new shop! I have no clue what on earth I was trying to do with the last one I made, but I can't even begin to comprehend the disaster that is the og shop

This shop will be slightly different, as it it a trading center, a breeder (when I'm not failing at shiny hunting), a pokeshop, and a gem trader/buyer!

My current goals are to collect the gems needed to get myself a Xerneas egg, and collect 150k pokedollars to unlock a new scanner and get eevee eggs in the tall grass, since my daycare eeveelutions only like to really give me eggs when I don't have room for them -_-

Rules for all customers!

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Only select pokemon from the roster! I can't sell pokemon I don't have! ^^;

I'm usually online, but I spend most of my time in the GTS or grinding for DP, so I might not see your message right away! Please have patience with me, and if you really want my attention, send me a PM!!

Spamming my inbox will warrent you an automatic ban from the store! I don't mind a message or two, as I have a memory worse than a spoiled turnip and an IQ that isn't much higher. I can guarantee I will forget to check this shop every day. I don't tolerate harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: Spamming my inbox, unnecessary rudeness, demanding certain things from me, refusing to pay the correct price, repeatedly asking for something that isn't ready yet (remember, you can only interact with your own stuff once a day!! There isn't much I can do when it comes to hatching speed when working with a breeding order), and harassing my other customers

While in all honesty, it's a waste of time to turn around and sell something you just bought, please be wary that I hatch these eggs specifically for you, so make sure to spend your money wisely! If I catch you selling something I sold you, I can't say I'll want to work with you again in the future.

Each pokemon, item, and gem is listed under a certain price range based on rarity/effort to find/hatch. Please respect the prices chosen!


Purchasing and Trading Pokemon

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For those looking to purchase pokemon, I can't say I have quite a wide stock for you at the moment. The box labeled "Pokeshoppe Mon's" is where I keep my doubles and unneeded mon, so go ahead and see if there's anything you want! Prices here are negotiable, and I personally do not care what I receive in return as long as payment is made :)

For those looking to trade, I have a list of pokemon I'm looking for to complete breeding pairs. It will be listed below with gender needed as well. (Will be added when my computer decides to stop trying to compete with the sun for how hot it can get) If you don't have said pokemon, I'm totally cool with talking about trading something else for a pokemon in my shop box(mentioned above)


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I have a box specifically for breeding pairs, so before you ask for anything specific PLEASE go look through there! Like I stated in the rules, I can't sell what I don't have! The price depends on the mon you're looking to buy, and how long it takes to hatch. Wanting a specific gender will also cost extra, considering I have to chance hating a few to get a certain one.

Gem Trading/Selling

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Like stated in the intro, my current goal is to gather gems to get a Xerneas egg, and hopefully eventually Yveltal too. Trading is defiantly up for discussion, so send me a PM if looking to trade for something specific! I am willing to trade and sell gems in my possession, but I will only seldom be buying for the ones I want, since I am trying to save up my PD ^^;

In special cases, I am willing to trade items for gems, or go on hunts for certain items. Depending on said item(s) and the difficulty to get them, I won't guarantee I will accept your offer.

Current Inventory!

*distant cricket noises* (not always accurate, my gems come and go like pokepuffs thanks to the gem exchange, so please check if it isn't updated every few hours!!)

Gem's Wanted






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Pokemon can range anywhere from 100 PD up! Starter pokemon will always be 1k+, and legendries and event pokemon will be anywhere from 2.5K to 5k+ depending on difficulty to obtain. If you want to know certain prices for pokemon in the box, please send me a message! I do accept any pokemon in return unless specified in a trade offer, and I do accept gems as a form of payment.

Breeding Prices and listings will be updated when I am done with my current shiny hunt

Gem Prices are listed as such

Buy prices per gem - Will change with current needs

Dragon Gems - 2.5k | Water Gems - 850 | Bug Gems - 300 | Flying Gems - 1k | Poison Gems - 500

Gem Sell Prices

Fighting, Grass, and Normal - 500 | Fire, Psychic, Rock, Steel, and Electric - 850 | Dark and Ice - 1k | Ghost and Fairy - 1.5k

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