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✨blue's sprite shop✨

Forum-Index Fanmades Spriting ✨blue's sprite shop✨
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Posted: Sat, 04/12/2021 02:44 (6 Months ago)
Ahoy there, and welcome to my sprite shop!

My name is Ghoul, and I love to draw.
So I decided I would make sprites for people to enjoy!

Here are the prices:*
Icon (25 by 25 or less)~ 15 nuggies
Sprite (around 100 pixels)~ 25 nuggies
PH avitar (150 by 150 or less)~ 60 nuggies (comes with background)

Background~ +5-10 nuggies
Drawn from scratch~ +20 nuggies

I will tell you if it's a complicated design, and it may mean that you will have to pay more.

You get a warning before you get banished, unless you do something really bad.

~ No one yet, and hopefully not ever!
If you are banished, you have been blacklisted and are forbidden to post on this forum page.

*Payment options (equivalent to nuggets - aka nuggies)
1700 pd eq. to 1 nuggie
5 electric gems eq. 1 nuggie