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how are you going with covid?

Forum-Index General Discussion how are you going with covid?
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Posted: Sat, 21/08/2021 09:16 (11 Months ago)
i am going terrible what do you think of lockdown?
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Posted: Sun, 22/08/2021 17:34 (11 Months ago)
There are still lockdowns?
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Posted: Sun, 22/08/2021 19:39 (11 Months ago)
I hate these lockdowns. Covid is so annoying!! My status of covid is fine though.
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Posted: Wed, 25/08/2021 12:31 (11 Months ago)
Yeah covid is worst thing ever
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Posted: Wed, 25/08/2021 12:34 (11 Months ago)
Lockdown never really affected me, but as more and more people are vaccinated (including myself) the masks start to get annoying. On the other hand: they are quite useful on public transport, where some grandma is always coughing all over you.
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Posted: Sat, 28/08/2021 22:24 (11 Months ago)
anybody needs/wants to talk about anything then im always about for a chat
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Posted: Mon, 30/08/2021 20:11 (11 Months ago)
oh its soooo bad here... for a smol country we are suffering hell... hope things change quick. i just want to start wearing under ware again.
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Posted: Thu, 09/09/2021 21:07 (10 Months ago)
All members of my family were sick with covid. My grandmother and grandfather were very ill. Elderly people take it very badly. It's good that it's all over now, but now there's post-covid syndrome. Different organs start to ache, panic attacks are very frequent. My parents go to the doctor in such cases. But I like to think for myself and read on different sites like medicalbrandnames what happens to me.
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Posted: Sun, 12/09/2021 18:32 (10 Months ago)
When I recently watched new builds near me to buy. I somehow miraculously picked up Covid. And got very, very sick. I didn't have any smells. And I had a high fever. I started taking antibiotics right away. Because the doctor told me to take them. Because they're the only thing that helps with this infection.
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Posted: Mon, 13/09/2021 15:02 (10 Months ago)
havent gotten covid thankfully, but just got my first dose of the vaxx. might get the 3rd dose, who knows
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Posted: Mon, 13/09/2021 15:36 (10 Months ago)
@AkenjanRobet: antibiotics do actually nothing with covid, because it's a virus. antibiotics only help with bacterial infections. Maybe they help with symptoms, i don't know, but Aspirin is a better choice for Covid to help ease the symptoms.

I myself got my 2nd vaccine shot 3 weeks ago (had mild side-effect symptoms). Luckily I never caught covid, but I am not much at risk because I am unemployed and staying at home is basically my lifestyle, so I don't mind the lockdowns. Staying home and wearing a mask is a small price I am willing to make for the benefit of A LOT others
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