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Shiny hunt

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Posted: Thu, 22/07/2021 00:38 (6 Days ago)
I’m going to start shiny hunting soon, and I’m still fairly new to this game. Can anyone give me any tips on how to hunt? :3

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Posted: Thu, 22/07/2021 02:11 (6 Days ago)
Hi! In order to Shiny Hunt, you’ll first need to buy your Pokéradar. It is a device which helps you to Shiny Hunt. You can buy it from Emera Mall -> Item Shop, for 150,000 Pokédollars or 500 Nuggets.

Then, after you have bought it, you need to activate it. If you aren’t a premium member, then you will need to buy batteries in order to activate it (for 50,000 Pokèdollars or 50 Electric Gems or 50 Nuggets). Once you have activated it, then hatching your first Pokémon egg (which counts towards Pokéradar*) starts your shiny hunting.

*All eggs from the following places will count towards your Pokeradar:
- The Lab (Gifts from Prof. Rowan excluded )
- Bred in daycare (only ‘mons bred by your ‘mons count, not gifts from daycare man)
- the Gem Collector
- the Safari zone
- the Ancient Cave (Harvest Sprites excluded)
- the Event Shop
- the Tall Grass
- Gifts (Others)

Then, you need to hatch the same species of eggs to continue Shiny Hunting. You will have the maximum Chance for a Shiny after hatching 40 Pokemon in a row of the same species. If you hatch different species of eggs (which count towards Pokéradar) which is different from the species of Pokémon of which you were shiny hunting before, then your chain will be broken. If you aren’t premium, then when you’ll hatch your first shiny, you’ll you have to charge your batteries again and start from chain 0.
If you are premium, then you can continue Shiny Hunting without charging batteries.
This article of wiki have a lot of information of about shiny hunting.

Breeding Eggs in Daycare and Adopting eggs from Tall Grass are the two most cheapest ways for Shiny Hunting ‘eggs.
Put the same species of ‘mon of opposite genders which are breedable in the daycare, deposit some PD, and then, your ‘mons will start breeding eggs.

Good Luck on your Shiny Hunt! :)
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