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Hi from the UK

Forum-Index Introduce yourself Hi from the UK
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Posted: Wed, 21/07/2021 18:04 (6 Days ago)
Hi am glad to be hear i been try to fine other Pokémon hatching game like poke farm
i like to make you friend
am start to collect only starter gem 1 starter Pokémon egg and hatched Pokémon witch are Bulbasaur / Ivysaur / Venular / Charmander / Charmeleon / Charizard / Squirtle / Wartortle or Blastoise any other Pokémon i hatch would be available for PD or trade for the Pokémon am after thanks
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Posted: Tue, 27/07/2021 09:30 (1 Day ago)
Hi ;) Sorry to bother you, can I ask you some questions? My friend recommended me this game, so I came here and registered. I am confused by the rules, to be honest, and don't know how to play. My friend is obsessed with such games as this (I remember him being late to class all the time in high school because he played My Farm). So, any advice for a newbie?