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Rowan can see inside eggs?

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Rowan can see inside eggs?
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Posted: Tue, 20/07/2021 15:53 (7 Days ago)
Now I am sure, Rowan is having an amazing ability to see inside and scan eggs.

Well, it happened before too. A user who didn’t had all the Kanto ‘mons collected and had a last missing ‘mon (ditto) in the party in the form of an egg still got awarded the certificate of the completion of the dex by Rowan even when the egg wasn’t hatched. This is quite unfair as its an egg still and not a dex entry.

Now, another recent example,
SGamingFTW made a feed about that they completed the Kanto Dex without even owning Meowth. I saw that they really didn't had. But still they somehow completed.

But in their party they had a “rare”-rarity egg which was sure of being meowth.

So, I waited for it to be hatched, and after sometime, it turned out to be Meowth itself.

Now, it is sure, that system/Rowan also counts eggs as dex entries for Dexes and then awards Certificate before the eggs are hatched when even we don’t have their dex entries!

-> So, the bug is, when we don't even own some
Pokémons’ dex entries but possess their eggs, the eggs of those species still count towards dex completion.

I think that this should be counted as bug...
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