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Wildfyre's Wonderful Writings

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Posted: Sat, 01/05/2021 23:49 (1 Month ago)
There's currently nothing to see here, but I shall be using this thread to post random pieces.
The following are unrelated 100-5k word scenes I thought of via a prompt I saw or just complete randomness.
Note, that since I'm writing all of these just for fun, if anything ignites a spark of creativity, feel free to run with it!

Trainerlevel: 109

Forum Posts: 495
Posted: Wed, 09/06/2021 04:19 (15 Days ago)
Just another day in this immortal life.
How many times must I wish for it to end?
Less and less each day do I care for these mortals.
Zero faith do I have in their capacity to feel empathy.
Nigh approaches the time to destroy it all and
Start over anew, with the lessons we’ve learned.
Kindness. It’s what this act would be remembered as.
Despite the knowledge it was necessary, I hesitated.
Careful consideration I’d already given the matter.
Plea after plea. Promise after promise. I’d heard it all.
Empty were the words the mortals gave in excuse.
Merely lies to buy themselves extra time ‘til judgment.
Always it was the same. People never changed without reason.
Regret filled my heart as I placed quill to parchment.
Truth be told, ending everything would be a tragedy.
Xyris’ sweet smell permeated my thoughts, distracting me.
Gathering myself, I returned to my ponderings.
Yes. It would be in our best interest to continue.
For though humanity continued to fall short,
Questions of how to improve could still be answered.
With the abandonment of the human project,
Various scientific experiments would never be solved.
Until the day the consequences outweighed the benefits,
Or the project became a threat to our very existence,
Breath would continue to flow from us to them.
In the end, it would all be worth it. I’ll make sure of it.