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How to write Guides

Forum-Index Help Guides How to write Guides
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Posted: Tue, 27/08/2013 18:44 (9 Years ago)
First of all: Yes. Every user is allowed to write guides. So if you should feel the need to help others with a certain topic feel free to do so. There's just a few steps you'll have to take beforehand.

1. Please make sure that the Guide you intend to write does not already exist. If you feel, that something should be added to an already existing topic, please contact a Mod about it.

2. If your Guide is really specific or if you're unsure whether or not to post it, please make sure you contact a Mod before writing it.

3. Before posting the finished topic please make sure to contact either Riako or any of the Mods (Staff members) for approval.

Also please: Have a close look at your puctuation, spelling and grammar. A guide will be easier to read if you followed these rules.
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