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Forum Thread

Ducklett's Egg Hunt

Forum-Index News Ducklett's Egg Hunt
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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 00:59 (5 Months ago)
I want to see where my 15th egg was
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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 04:02 (5 Months ago)

Title: Loved it

Got all in my first day loved this event
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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 04:54 (5 Months ago)
i can’t find any more.... i think i got 6-10? not bad for a first time player i guess
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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 12:41 (5 Months ago)
Why can't we see where our unfound eggs were? I wanna know where my last egg was :,( :,( :,(
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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 13:05 (5 Months ago)
I leave my last egg to get the regular one...

Cause i know everyone gets the shiny one

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Posted: Tue, 14/04/2020 16:49 (5 Months ago)
will we know where the remaining eggs we didnt find were?
I remember on some of my first egg hunts that there was a system like that
i would love to see where my last egg was hiding at.