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the lost media

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Posted: Mon, 30/07/2018 18:25 (1 Year ago)
ok so random lost youtube video question and the video may not be lost....heres the back story....

a couple months ago i got into this youtuber nammed flamingo due to his roblox videos about myths and his admin command trolling but a couple weeks ago i found a video albert did on a horror game in roblox..today and yesterday i went on youtube to pinpoint the video but to my deppresing eyes i found the video gone from the watch history...... i know youtube wouldnt take it down or it would appear as [content deleted] but maybe im hallucinating which is why im wanting to ask all you flamingo fans to help me find the lost media...maybe people have more info on this clip? all i know is it was either a game made by RUST_010 or by tiffany_mayumi if anyone knows about this lost video please pm me here or palpad me i may open a fourm thread talking about this

i really only remember what i have said above but maybe you all know about the video? i would really also like a link to the video if you found it please so i can confirm it :]