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The Deep, Vast Void

Forum-Index Fanmades Fanfictions The Deep, Vast Void
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Posted: Mon, 23/04/2018 02:40 (10 Months ago)
Korekiyo Shinguuji receives his first Pokémon, a female Snivy named Nagaka. But there are some... difficulties. See, the anthropologist-in-training was cursed with Nuzlocke. A rare being that manifested in the souls of some humans that would kill any owned Pokémon upon their fainting. He is determined to keep his team going, but that’s very hard when you have to deal with the risk of your Pokémon dying at any time.

Nagaka | Snivy | Female
Trainerlevel: 40

Forum Posts: 1,421
Posted: Thu, 05/07/2018 16:40 (8 Months ago)

Title: incomplete chapter

Chapter One.

"Hey! Kiyo! Aren't you gonna go get your Pokemon?" Korekiyo groaned as he heard the shouting from downstairs. He knew that his sister had friends over, so getting up was not in his priorities. He also knew that his sister wanted him to get an Oshawott as a starter, also known as Kaito and Korekiyo's worst nightmare. Speaking of Kaito..

[11:47 AM] Kaito: lmbooo rantaro hes still sleeping

[11:47 AM] Kaito: w8 no hes on now hi kiyoooo

[11:47 AM] Kaito: answer meee

[11:48 AM] Rantaro: He won't answer if you spam him.

Ah yes, his two best friends, Rantaro Amami and Kaito Momota. The two already had their first Pokemon, an Oshawott and Tepig respectively. Korekiyo had agreed that he'd get Snivy. Snivy was his first choice after all.

He just hoped he could sneak out for now. Miyadera wouldn't be pleased to see him leaving. He quickly dressed himself and began packing for the long road ahead. He donned his usual mask (he could never go without it, even if Rantaro and Kaito have seen him without it) and long, dress-like green sweater. After all, Unova could be rather cold at this point in the year. Even if it's only summer.

[12:01 PM] Korekiyo: Sorry. I have been getting ready. I am getting my first Pokemon today, and I am sneaking out.

[12:01 PM] Rantaro: oml Kiyo why

[12:02 PM] Kaito: y a s kiyo do it

[12:02 PM] Korekiyo: I am going to.

After making sure he had his phone, he realized he may need his Cross-Transceiver as well. He didn't have Miyadera in his phone due to his watchlike device. He put it around his wrist and opened the window. Anything else? He has changes of clothes, simple toiletries (like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, the likes), and some makeup. Yes, makeup.

That isn't important.

He grabbed his wallet, glad he didn't forget that. He has his Trainer ID already, so it's just him needing to get his starter. "Alright.. I have everything." He walked back over to the window and poked his head out. It's safe to go. Korekiyo Shinguuji is sneaking out just to get his first Pokemon. Carefully, he stepped onto the roof platform. Alright. Good so far. He hasn't died yet. He carefully walked across it to the ladder he had set up the night before. Pre-planning, kids!

Korekiyo climbed down the ladder, relieved to see that no one noticed him sneaking out. But he forgot to close the window.

One return trip later, he is running around the streets of Aspertia City, laughing happily. He doesn't care that he's so dead if Miyadera finds out. He's excited about getting his first Pokemon. He texted the group again.

[12:23 PM] Korekiyo: I snuck out!!

[12:23 PM] Kaito: we stan a king

[12:24 PM] Rantaro: Kiyo you're so dead