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Forum-Index Diaries Yikes
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Posted: Sun, 13/11/2016 05:31 (7 Years ago)
Edit: WIP Pile of code. not really a diary anymore but I still might whine in later posts so feel free to ignore anything after the shinies ^_^
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Posted: Sun, 13/11/2016 05:39 (7 Years ago)
5 edit blobs
[pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig] [pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig] [pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig] [pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig] [pkmnbig=s]1[/pkmnbig]

Shiny Sprites by Region
Includes Mega, Giga, Primal and Alternate Formes

Kanto Shiny Sprites

Emera Shiny Sprites 2.0

Kanto (With other regions pre-vos and evos):







Retro Shiny Sprites 2.0



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Posted: Wed, 23/11/2016 05:03 (7 Years ago)
Levels needed to Win Rowan Quests

Pikachu = 101
Eevee = 141
Gyarados = 181
Snorlax = 206
Mewtwo = 256
Sizzlipede = 101
Magikarp = 146
Wailord = 188
Dragonite = At least 244
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Posted: Tue, 11/04/2017 04:04 (7 Years ago)
Fun Fair:
Refreshing during mini games resets the timer and doesn't reward any tickets. Only the ducklett fishing game restarts the mini game but not the timer. Cooldown timer increases after a certain amount of games and resets daily.

In Wingull Gulf, the goal is to click on Wingull and Pelipper. Avoid Swablu and Piplup, these can also appear as shiny and remove your points. Piplup can only appear on the lower half of the screen. The hit box is centered on their beaks. 30 minute cool down to begin. Increases by 10 minutes every 20 games. Costs 1,500pd. Game time approximately 2 minutes.

Wingull: 1 point
Shiny Wingull: 2 points
Pelipper: 3 points
Shiny Pelipper: 6 points

Piplup: -3
Shiny Piplup: -6
Swablu: -1
Shiny Swablu: -2

You cannot go below 0 points
100 points total are possible, 15 tickets total
Above 90 points rewards ~12 tickets.
80 points- 6 tickets

In Whack-A-Diglet, you can whack Diglet, Dugtrio, Wiglett, Wugtrio, Sproutlet, and Sproutrio. Avoid the Orthworm.1 hour cool down. Game costs 1000 pd.
Minigame time: 60 seconds
Diglet: 1
Dugtrio: 3
Shiny Diglet: 5
Wiglet: 2
Wugtrio: 4
Sproutlet: 4
Sproutrio: 5
Shiny Sproutlet: 10
Orthworm: --10 points. This can drop you below 0 points. It doesn't affect the time remaining.
20 points : 4 tickets
60 points : 12 tickets
84 points : 16 tickets
86 points : 17 tickets
100 points : 20 tickets (Max Drop)

In the Corn Maze you gather 5 stamps, fight pokemon and can find other items. If you exit the maze prematurely you can re enter in the beginning. You have the full day to enter the maze as many times as you need to. Gathering stamps yields tickets, 4 each. Defeating pokemon yields tickets, 1 each battle. Some pokeballs yield tickets. There are also other items found in the maze including mystery items, gems, cosplay boxes, and pokeballs. Making it through the maze after collecting all the stamps yields 25 tickets.
Unordered to find all the stamps it helps to draw out the maze as you go in order to full explore it. Personally I use a large sheet of construction paper or an erasable white board.

In Apple Bobbing you click on a half barrel full of apples (and an applin) and water once a day. The result is random, and can yield boosts similar to the daily water fountain (mega, shiny, or breeding boosts) or the following.
Missing keychain - 50 tickets
Missing lunch - 50 tickets
Missing puffpuff - 100 tickets
A pokeball - pokeball
Plushie (shiny applin)

In Ducklett Fishing every 15 minutes (timer shortened by interactions) you can click on any of 4 pokemon : Ducklett, shiny Ducklett, Baby Ducklett, and Swablu.
The longer you wait to click the higher amount of ticket you find (in theory, honestly it seems random). Refreshing the page resets the appearance but not the cooldown timer. Costs 580 pd. After 20 games, the cooldown timer increases to 20 minutes
Max: 99 tickets
Ticket drop is normally in the lower range of 5-15
The Baby Ducklett seems to yield the most tickets

The Prize Booth is where you exchange your tickets for rewards. You can click on any of the items or pokemon on display and Newton will tell you the cost, then you can complete the trade. You can click on Newton, as well, to get him as an event egg (1,000). Prizes rotate daily.
Possible prizes:
Retro Egg: Zapdos (500), Moltres( 500), Articuno (500), Typhlosion (250), Feraligator (250), Meganium (250), Blastoise (250), Charizard (250), Venusaur (250)
Event Egg: New (400)
Items: Random Gem (10), Selfie Stick (100), Mega Stone (500)
Plushies: Shiny Pinsir (30), Shiny Magmar (30), Timid (100), Hoggy (100), Chef(100), Bold (100), Staid (100), Aqua (100), Nappy (100), Rainbow (250).
Shiny Harvest Sprite Plushies : unknown
Which Harvest Sprite Plushie appears is different for each person, each day. Sometimes the same one will appear twice in one event
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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 16:21 (3 Years ago)
Of all the places to hide an easter egg? you hide one there? of literally anywhere? oh boy that should have been ridiculous tier hiding spot.
also note to self for the next one
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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 16:23 (3 Years ago)

Title: Berry Garden Things

Berry Grow Times
Fast (green): Aguav, Aspear, Bluk, Cheri, Chesto, Figy, Grepa, Hondew, Iapapa, Kelpsy, Leppa, Lum,, Mago, Nanab, Oran, Pecha, Persim, Pinap, Pomeg, Qualot, Rawst, Razz, Sitrus, Tamato, Wepear, Wiki
Grow Time: Level 1: ~4 minutes. Level 50: ~21 minutes. Level 100: ~25 minutes

Medium (blue): Babiri, Belue, Charti, Chople, Cobe, Colbur, Cornn, Durin, Haban, Kasib, Kebia, Magost, Nomel, Occa, Pamtre, Passho, Payapa, Rabuta, Shuca, Spelon, Tanga, Wacan, Watmel, Yache
Grow Time: Level 1: ~53 minutes

Slow (purple): Apicot, Chilan, Ganlon, Lansat, Liechi, Petaya, Salac, Starf
Grow Time: Level 1: ~2 hours

Very Slow (red): Custap, Enigma, Jaboca, Micle, Rowap
Grow Time: Level 1: ~8 hours

Resippe: Bony apple teeth


Shakes: 5 berry, 3 Moomoo Milk
Razz Bluk Nanab Wepear Pinap

Sodas: 5 berry, 1 Soda
Pomeg Kelpsy Qualot Hondew Grepa Tomato

Lemonades: 5 berry, 1 lemonade
Cornn Magost Rabuta Nomel Spelon Pamtre Watmel Durin

Berry Juices: 3 of each berry, 1 honey

Pecha Watmel Wacan Mago
Cheri Spelon Tamato Chople
Cornn Passho Kebia Wiki
Aguav Durin Rabuta Rawst
Aspear Belue Iapapa Colbur

cake & biscuit

Small Portion Biscuits: (5 biscuits)
1 Moomoo Milk 1 Flour 1 Honey 10 Pecha Berry

Large Portion Biscuits: (20 biscuits)
4 Moomoo Milk 4 Flour 4 Honey 40 Pecha Berry

Galette Sour:
7 Moomoo Milk, 10 Flour, 20 Yache Berry lvl 5+, 15 Charti Berry lvl 3+, 10 Sitrus Berry lvl 10+

Galette Sweet:
7 Moomoo Milk, 10 Flour, 20 Kasib Berry lvl 5+, 15 Haban Berry lvl 3+, 10 Lum Berry lvl 10+

Lava Cookie:
5 Moomoo Milk, 3 Flour, 10 Leppa Berry lvl 4+, 5 Persim Berry lvl 3+

Battle Items: 15 of each berry
Paralyze Heal: Cheri Berry
Awakening: Chesto Berry
Antidote: Pecha Berry
Ice Heal: Aspear Berry
Burn Heal: Rawst Berry

Special Legendary Garden Trio: virizion, terrakion, cobalion

Silver Powder:
15 Wepear Berry lvl 15+, 10 Figy Berry lvl 10+, 5 Enigma Berry lvl 5+, 5 White Powder

Cobalt: 1 Silver Powder

Brown Powder:
15 Nanab Berry lvl 15+, 10 Iapapa Berry lvl 10+, 5 Custap Berry lvl 5+, 5 White Powder

Terracotta: 1 Brown Powder

Green Powder:
15 Aguave Berry lvl 15+, 10 Lum Berry lvl 10+, 5 Micle Berry lvl 5+, 5 White Powder

Viridian: 1 Green Powder
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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 16:27 (3 Years ago)

Title: Golden Game Chip Legend

Studying the drop rates of the Golden Game Chips Legend section
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1. Game Chips. 726 chips
2. x
3. x
4. Game Chips. 784 chips
5. x
6. x
7. x
8. Game Chips. 2005 chips
9. Game Chips. 596 chips
10. x
11. Golden Game Chips. 174 chips
12. x
13. x
14. Game Chips. 922 chips
15. Game Chips. 667 chips
16. Game Chips. 4887 chips
17. x
18. x
19. x
20. Golden Game Chip. 348 chips
21. x
22. Mystery Box (Gold)
23. x
24. Golden Game Chip. 41 chips
25. x
26. Mystery Box (Gold)
27. Game Chips. 651 chips
28. x

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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 16:29 (3 Years ago)

Title: Bug Hatching Contest

Bug type up to and including Unova that don't need special circumstances to evolve.
Drops: weedle line, Volcarona line, shedninja, masqueraine line, Ledyba line, heracross, pinsir, illumise, volbeat

Possible Mega Able Drops from Contest:
Pinsir, Heracross, Beedril

Highest Points Drops:
Megas, Shinies, Volcarona, Shedninja

Pokemon that Show Up in Catching Game:
All bug types up to and including Unova. Emeran Bug Types like Catercream and Fiesta Larvesta, muggy castform
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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 16:34 (3 Years ago)

Title: Hangman 2: Tokyo Drift

Gonna start dropping words in here when I finish them in hangman so i stop losing

3 Letters:

4 Letters:

5 Letters:

6 Letters:

7 Letters:
Gary Oak

8 Letters:
Burn Heal
Hazy Pass
Ice Shard
X Defense

9 Letters:
Power Belt

10 Letters:
Battle Shop
Double Slap
Kebia Berry

11 Letters:
Giga Machamp
Lansat Berry
Shiny Sprite

12 Letters:
Mega Rapidash

14 Letters:
Golden Game Chip
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Posted: Sun, 07/02/2021 23:42 (3 Years ago)

Title: just Hanging out Man

Hello and welcome to the Hangman Guide I will probably Never Share!!

Hangman is a fairly straightforward game. You are given a certain number of blank spaces to fill with letters that will make up a word or words. The word(s) relate in some way to Pokemon and some specifically to Pokeheroes. When the answer is several words there's a space to show that. You only have to click a letter once and any instance of that letter in the given word is filled, then that letter is greyed out so you can't click it again.

There are currently 1,919 possible answers. They may contain pokemon names, types, natures, and attacks as well as regions, media characters, items, game phrases, pokeballs, berries, Plate, Berry, Ball are common suffix words. Giga and Mega are common prefix words

The shortest words contain only 3 letters and the longest contain djalkjghakh?? letters. All of the answers are in English. You have a limited number of lives.

The easiest way to solve it is with the gosh darn Hangman Helper 2 but nooooo, everybody has to complain about people needing help when there's nearly 2 gosh diddly darn thousand answers and i don't have time to memorize all that to find the vowels first. Then go by letter popularity until you figure out the word (or you die, i guess). Start with E, then A.

The most frequent letters appearing in the English language are e, a, r, i, o, t, n, s, l. Going in that order should give you enough information to figure out the word or phrase.
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Posted: Fri, 12/02/2021 02:27 (3 Years ago)
Pokemon that I should shiny hunt when I let my Premium run out because I'd only need one:
Farfetch'd, tauros, girafarig, qwilfish, shuckle, corsola,delibird, stantler,smeargle, plusle, minun, volbeat, illumise, torkoal, zangoose, seviper, lunatone, solrock, kecleon , tropius, relicanth, luvdisc, pachirisu, chatot, spiritomb, carnivine, throh, sawk, red basculin, blue basculin, maractus, sigilyph, emolga, alomomola, cryogonal, stunfisk, galar stunfisk, druddigon, bouffalant, heatmor, Durant, hawlucha, dedenne, carbink, klefki, oricorios, wishiwashis, oranguru, passimian, pyukumuku, miniors, komala, turtonator, togedemaru, mimikyu, bruxish, drampa, dhelmise,cramorants, falinks, pincurchin, stonjourner(giga?) ,eiscue, indeedee
Some need a ditto...
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Posted: Wed, 24/02/2021 22:11 (3 Years ago)

Title: Non Shiny Sprites

Kanto Sprites

Johto Sprites

Hoenn Sprites
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Gallade (sinnoh) Mega Gallade (Sinnoh) (clear) (very sunny) (rainy) (hail) (foggy) (mystic aurora) (cold) (very foggy) (thunderstorm) (meteorites) (windy) (strong earthquakes) (muggy) (small earthquakes) (gusty) (smog) (sunny)

Sinnoh Sprites
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(Bug) (Dark) (Dragon) (Electric) (Fighting) (Fire) (Flying) (Ghost) (Grass) (Ground) (Ice) (Poison) (Psychic) (Rock) (Steel) (Water) (Fairy)

Unova Sprites
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(m) (f) (m) (f) (black) (white)

Kalos Sprites

Alola Sprites

Galar Sprites

Emera Sprites:

Kanto (Emera):

Johto (Emera):

Hoenn (Emera):

Sinnoh (Emera):

Unova (Emera):

Kalos (Emera):

Galar (Emera):

Retro Sprites
Kanto Retro:

Johto Retro:

Hoenn Retro:

Unova Retro:

Shadow Sprites

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(m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f)

Show hidden content

(m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (unown) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f) (m) (f)
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Posted: Wed, 24/02/2021 22:41 (3 Years ago)
Kanto Shiny Sprites

Johto Shiny Sprites

Hoenn Shiny Sprites
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Gallade (sinnoh) Mega Gallade (Sinnoh) (clear) (very sunny) (rainy) (hail) (foggy) (mystic aurora) (cold) (very foggy) (thunderstorm) (meteorites) (windy) (strong earthquakes) (muggy) (small earthquakes) (gusty) (smog) (sunny)

Sinnoh Shiny Sprites
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(Bug) (Dark) (Dragon) (Electric) (Fighting) (Fire) (Flying) (Ghost) (Grass) (Ground) (Ice) (Poison) (Psychic) (Rock) (Steel) (Water) (Fairy)

Unova Shiny Sprites
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(m) (f) (m) (f) (black) (white)

Kalos Shiny Sprites

Alola Shiny Sprites

Galar Shiny Sprites

Emera Shiny Sprites

Kanto Shiny (Emera):

Johto Shiny (Emera):

Hoenn Shiny (Emera):

Sinnoh Shiny (Emera):

Unova Shiny (Emera):

Kalos Shiny (Emera):

Galar Shiny (Emera):

Retro Shiny Sprites
Kanto Shiny Retro:

Johto Shiny Retro:

Hoenn Shiny Retro:

Unova Shiny Retro:
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Posted: Fri, 12/01/2024 02:16 (5 Months ago)
Hisui Shiny Dex

Hisui Non-Shiny Dex