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Forum Thread

GTS Forum Update - Please Read!

Forum-Index Global Trade Station GTS Forum Update - Please Read!
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:41 (6 Years ago)
Hello :)

As some of you may or may not have already noticed, the GTS forum has received some updates. The following post will explain these updates and the reasons behind them.

The 'Breeding' sub-forum has now been replaced with the 'Shiny Hunting' sub-forum.

This new sub-forum will be used for 'Shiny Slot', 'Shiny Mega Hunts', and 'Shiny Legendary' threads.
Recently, threads such as these have become increasingly popular, with new ones almost everyday. Users usually placed these threads in different sub-forums; some in the General Area, some in the Trade Shops. Even us Mods were undecided on where to place them. So in the end, we chose to create a whole new sub-forum specifically for them.

"But where will breeding threads go?" you may ask.
Breeding threads are essentially shops of some kind, correct? So breeding threads will now be relocated to the 'Trade Shops' sub-forum. Below I will list where specific threads will be located.

QuoteGeneral Area
Auction threads; Collecting missing Pokédex entries

Trade Shops
Basic Pokémon and item shops; Normal and Event breeding shops

Item Trades
Collecting items; Gem trading; Collecting for Ditto/Legendary Kalos Trio

Shiny Hunting
Shiny legendary hunts; Shiny mega hunts; Regular shiny hunts/Shiny slots

Thread Movements/Deletion

With the addition of a new sub-forum, many threads will need to be relocated to fit in with the new layout. So within the next few days, please expect your threads to be moved around :)

On a side note, all threads that have been inactive for over 1 year will be deleted to help declutter the forum.

That is currently all the updates for the moment.
If anyone has any questions regarding the update, please send a message to SilverLugia456 or -Max and we will be happy to help :)