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Dear visitors, customers and artists!

Forum-Index Fanmades Dear visitors, customers and artists!
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Posted: Wed, 25/05/2016 19:27 (6 Years ago)
Dear visitors, customers and artists!

We have just cleaned out the Fanmade area for you today (25.05.16), so don't worry if your thread isn't at the place you left them! ;)

For a better overview in the forum I have made the following list:

•Art shops & "Looking for" art Threads are staying in the general area.

•Fanarts/dumps/Doodles/storages please here!

•Spriting & Pixel art here!

•Fanfictions and original stories please here!

New rules and updates (As of 31st July 2017)

• A new rule is in place: If your thread hasn't been posted in, in a year old or over, your thread will be deleted for inactivity, if it's missing this is why. We recommend you bump your thread every 11 months at least, this'll prevent it from being deleted. This applies to shops, looking for art/writers, fan fictions and storage threads.

• It's up to users to make sure they keep track of art they order just in case the shop where you ordered is shut down (we ALWAYS recommend your save the image and store it for the future). This applies vice versa, we encourage that artists/writers store anything just in case they decide to no longer use their shop.

• We're asking that users contact a Fanmades Mod if they want a shop closing/deleting - We're asking that you don't make duplicate forum posts.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact -Naoto- or Pein!

Thank you for your attention!

And sing this one song together to the world~♡