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Rules and Guidelines for Forum Games

Forum-Index Forum Games Rules and Guidelines for Forum Games
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Posted: Fri, 23/01/2015 08:22 (8 Years ago)
Guidelines and Rules for Forum Games

Hello everybody! Just thought I'd put together a little list for all of you to have a look at before starting a new game here!

1) Keep PokéHeroes rules in mind! You can brush up on the rules here if you're starting to get a little rusty on them.

2) Keep the game age-appropriate! Sometimes games can be easily turned to a topic, or have some implications that aren't appropriate for the site, this includes games that include gore, violence, horror or adult themes. Any games that are inappropriate, or can become inappropriate very quickly will be removed. We have to remember our younger members after all!

3) Check that the game hasn't been made before! Any duplicates of a game will be locked and then later on, deleted. This also includes games that are very, very similar to others that we already have. For example; we only need one 'Never Ending Story' or 'Pokémon A-Z'.

4) Keep it clear! It's important to make sure that the description of your game is easy to read and understand. In some cases it can get very confusing if the rules and the goals of the game aren't clearly outlined in the first post. It could even be so confusing as to be mistaken for spam and removed!

5) Activity! It's very hard for a game to become active if there's no 'game aspect' to it, each post should lead on to the next one. For Example: this game requires each user to say what the user above them's avatar could be thinking. And so the game goes on! Games without a 'game aspect' will either be moved to one of the Discussion Forums or removed.

6) Inactive Games! Games that have been inactive for 5 months or more will be locked and eventually deleted. If a game is inactive and yet to be deleted/locked, let some one know before making a new one, after that you're free to make a new version if it's something that you are capable of keeping alive and fun!