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The "Golem" and others giveaway (with requirement)

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Posted: Sun, 04/01/2015 08:05 (7 Years ago)
HI! (read everything in this thread before posting any things)

Well, the name's Garwinna, and if you see, currently I hunt Geodudes. I just wanna give peoples some of my Pokemons.
I have Geodudes, Graveler, Gible, Gabite, and even Pikachu to give. Each pokemon have it's own requirement.
And as I know, if I trade my Gravelers, it will automatically evoluved into Golems. that's why I name the giveaway with Golem, not even with my name.

So, check this list if you want a Pokemon that I want to give away.
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Geodude : None. any kind of Pokemon is okay.
Gible : Pokemon that I don't have yet
Gabite : Pokemon that I don't have + 3K PD
Pikachu : A Pokemon and Gems worth 4K PD in my standshop (you can find the shop in my signature)

Gravelers (who will evoluve into Golem) : A Pokemon and an Item (not berries)


Q : Where's your signature?
A : Below every post that I write.

Q : Can I change the requirement, example like item for PDs?
A : No. Any kind of things out of requirement, I'll reclaim it as a tip. No offense, but I'm too lazy to think out of requirement.

Q : I want this Pokemon! I've set my offer in GTS!
A : Whoa, whoa, don't be rush. First, you must tell me what kind of Pokemon and other requirement you will trade. Second, I'll be the one who set up the trade in GTS.

Q : Can I tell my offer via PalPad or private message? I feel uncomfortable if other people know about my offer.
A : Of course! I like secret trading, as long as it's legal.

Q : Where do you have been? I've waited a week to receive my Pokemon (or) to get your answer from my question!
A : Well, I'm a busy person, and because that I can't go online everyday. Even every week. So be patient.

Q : One important thing, what things can I post here?
A : Offers and questions, as well polite criticisms. I don't want such things as thank you posts or spam or rude criticisms. you can send that things privately, via PalPad or Private Message.

Extra Rules :
- Do not ask the same question as Q&A above. If I didn't add an important question to the Q&A and you repeat the question, I'll answer that. I'll be my fault if.
- Keep your saying. What you offer, what you will trade for my giveaway Pokemon.
- Be wise. Don't say there's an accident if you give me PD or items out of requirement. as I say, I'll accept it as a tip.
- I'll notify you to delete your post if it out of answer in Q&A.
- Follow the Q&A and Extra rules.
- Oh, and for one thing. Don't ask why I giveaway Golems when I don't have one. I've explain it in the beginning.

I open a shop, come to buy! (Gems, berries, and some Pokemon)
Garwinna Stand Shop

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